The Best gift for a Patient.

12 Nov 2023

The best learning point is our own experience, observation and self analysis because it never goes wrong. Personal experience in which we go through by mentally and physically leaves true lessons for us.

We normally visit to our Sick beloved one who is admitted in hospital due to any reason. Visiting to patient has great value spiritually and emotionally for both. Visitor show sympathy, kind gesture, healing encouragement to patient which gives him a hope , reduce his blood pressure and anxiety and stress.

Most of us took some thing with us for patient because it never looks good to visit a patient with empty hands. ( It is not compulsory to take things with you but morally it fits). Your words like "Get well soon " , " insha'Allah you will be fine soon " , "Praying for your fast recovery" etc leave a magic impact over patient.

Taking something like juices, fruits, snacks or anything which may patient need is very good and we must practice it. But my personal experience is little different due to my last week's surgery and bed rest.

Best Gift for a patient.

In my personal view and I hope you may agree to me that the best gift for a patient are flowers 🌺. The flowers gives best impact on his mood and health. His mind over flooded due to smelling of medicines , spirit, payodine and bad odour of environment.

Any seasonal fresh flowers fragrance can work more than a pill or more magically on his body. Also a pleasant gesture, fresh vibe of outside and fragrant petals puts hope alive to be recovered and go back to normal life.

Are you know flowers generate,

Sense of comfort.
Whenever you visit to a green zone , park or grassy area. You feels so comfortable and relaxed, that is due to power of flowers which reduces anxiety and increase the level of happiness in human. So patient feels near to nature and gets comfortableness. He forget it's pains and stress of sickness.
Another element is the attention of patient diverts with fragrance of flowers. He gets fresh fragrant breathing while tired from bad smell of antibiotics.

Increase energy.
All positive vibes are source of constructive energy in human. It is happiness, success, kids or fulfill of desire gives us energy. Same flower has this ability to produce some energy in human body. This element applies on patients as well and flowers gives them energy to recover soon.

Positive effect on emotions.
Pain , irritating environment, suffering and laziness put human disturbed mentally. Flowers with good healing fragrance has impact on our emotions so it turns into positive, encouraging and supporting feelings.

productivity and hope.
Flowers generate harmonic productivity in energy and enthusiasm for normal healthy life. If patient mentally stay strong and made promise to himself for recovery, definitely he gets it much sooner than a patient who lost hope.

I recommend you that pay a visit to any patient of family or friends and took some bouquet of seasonal flowers with you. Definitely patient will get more speedy recovery along with the fragrance of flowers. Also that fragrance will change the atmosphere of the patient's room.

That's all for the day . Keep hawks eye on your health and do periodic check ups for early diagnosis and prevention.
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A bouquet of flowers is the timeless gesture that brightens up a patient's day, bringing a touch of nature and warmth to the healing process. Sometimes, the simplest gifts carry the most heartfelt sentiments.
Flowers are a great gift but do not underestimate the greatest gift, which in my view is YOU. Just being there makes an amazing difference and the time you spend with them is so valuable.
Encourage to live is best gift for patients. By visiting personel
Patience allows for a more thoughtful and measured approach to decision-making. When we take the time to gather information, consider options, and reflect on potential outcomes, we are more likely to make informed choices. Rushed decisions can lead to regrets, but patience provides the clarity needed to navigate complex situations wisely.
Fragrant flowers definitely have impact on environment and patient deserves more freshness there to recover quickly.
inspiration in article that how to care our patients and what is best for them to feel fresh .