What is the term "Web 3.0"?

16 Apr 2022

After 2.0 and 1.0, Web 3.0 is today's web's third incarnation.

In the beginning, there was just Web 1.0, which was the basic building block of the internet. 

Visualize a beige computer tower next to an old HTML website with read-only content from the 1990s. 

There was a lot of invention in this era, and it all began here.

Facebook and e-commerce are two examples of Web 2.0, or simply Web2, which is the internet as we know it today.

During this time, connectedness is stressed; you may speak with friends, get quick answers to any query, and purchase almost anything online.

The "Semantic Web," as it was dubbed by the World Wide Web's creator, Tim Berners-Lee, was one of the first predictions of Web 3.0. 

Berners-Lee predicted that the internet would evolve to a point where computers could communicate directly with each other. 

Even though the blockchain and smart contracts have been around for a long time, we now realize their presence.

To Sum it Up

Berners-vision Lee's is becoming a reality using the blockchain since it provides the specific tools needed for this automated process. 

When smart contracts are built into blockchain protocols, the Semantic Web can function as expected.

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only heard about Web 2.0 when 3.0 is out :P am i missing anything
MBA ChitChat
Blockchain's ecosystem meet the criteria of Web 3.0 with its "Decentralisation" paradigm, and numerous individuals (nodes) that contribute to the "Security" and fast/cheap transactions characteristics like the Solana blockchain that facilitate "Scalability".
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