The drive (part 3)

25 Aug 2022

I spotted Keyshia, a childhood friend of mine. She had on a pepper red dress and a subtle makeup. Her lip gloss matched her attire.
"Hey Kish", I said as I walked over to say hi. She was with a female who I believe is her best friend.(I see her on Keyshia's Facebook stories frequently'.
"Oh hi Judy", she said as she hugged me tightly. "Meet my friend Eniola"
I and Eniola waved at each other like we were observing social distancing. God! she was so gorgeous, I could tell she was a shy type as I tried to maintain an eye contact and she kept dogding mine.
"So who is the lucky lady you came here with?" Keyshia asked almost immediately like she saw the way I looked at Eniola.
I replied "Well, you aren't wrong about the word 'lady', I came with Philip"
Turning around the room to search for him, I saw Philip drinking but this time, directly from a bottle.

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1 Comment

When I started reading this I already knew that it was about drunk driving. well my opinion is that we shouldn't do that. I know people who have died as a result of this