Avengers Team(1/6)

8 Jun 2022

Originally ,there are six members in avengers including Thor , black Widow ,Iron Man, Captain America ,Hulk and Hawkeye. They have unique powers and team is really strongs and powerful and has saved Earth from many dangers and enemy.

The first avengers is obvoiusly our Captain America. Captain America is known by his bravery , leadership , friendly and decisive person. Captain America got his powers by super soldier serum which gives him enough strength ,staimina ,brutleless and powers. Captain America posses sheild, the sheild is made of powerful metal known as vibranuim. The sheild doesn't do special but the one should know how to use it perfectly and should masterd in it.

Among the six infinity stones , Time stone represents the Captain America ,saying he is man out of time and considerably was young and powerful enough in his age after 100 years which is obviously strange in human at planet Earth. He has a love interest in Peggy Carter.
Captain America has mostly saved America and planet Earth from the attack of chitauri Army and he showed his bravery in many occasion including he was ready to fight the whole Army of Thanos and Thanos himself when Ironman and Thor were laying down after fights. 

 Captain America was good, truthful man and he was worthy to lift the Mlojnir , the enchanment based pwerful hammer which can be lifted and summouned by worthy ones only.

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