She Rose Above the Waves

13 Mar 2023

She rose above the waves, so fierce and free,
Her spirit unbroken, her heart full of glee.
Her journey was long, her path was unclear,
But she never lost hope, she never shed a tear.

The ocean was rough, the winds were strong,
But she fought with all her might, and nothing went wrong.
She conquered her fears, she faced every storm,
Her courage and resilience kept her warm.

The waves crashed around her, but she stood tall,
Her determination shining through it all.
She soared higher and higher, like a bird in flight,
Her strength and grace a true sight.

Now she stands on the shore, victorious and proud,
Her spirit unbroken, her heart beating loud.
She rose above the waves, and nothing can bring her down,
For she is a true champion, wearing her victory crown.

Oh, how she shines, this goddess of the sea,
Her triumph over turmoil, a true victory.
She stands as a beacon, an inspiration to all,
A testament to the power of rising after a fall.

Her strength and her courage, a sight to behold,
Her journey through the waves, an epic tale told.
Her heart full of passion, her soul full of fire,
Her spirit unbreakable, her will to never tire.

For she is the embodiment of all that we aspire,
To rise above our fears, and never give up on desire.
To fight through the storms, and conquer the waves,
To hold onto our dreams, and be the heroes of our own saves.

Let us be inspired, by this fierce and free queen,
And rise above our own waves, no matter how extreme.
For we too have the strength, the courage, and the grace,
To conquer our own seas, and make the world a better place.

With every crashing wave, we can choose to rise,
To face every challenge, and reach for the skies.
We can find our own power, and harness our might,
And stand strong like a lighthouse, shining so bright.

For within us all lies the strength to prevail,
To rise above the chaos, and never to fail.
We can follow the path of this goddess of the sea,
And embody the courage to set our spirits free.

Let us take inspiration, from her unbreakable soul,
And rise above our struggles, to reach our own goal.
Let us be like her, fierce and free,
And conquer our own waves, for all to see.

For we are all capable, of rising above,
Of finding our own power, and showing our love.
And with every victory, we'll feel the breeze,
And know that we too, can rise above the seas.

Let us not be afraid, of the storms that may come,
For within us we carry, a bright shining sun.
We can rise above the waves, and ride with the tide,
And find our inner courage, with nothing to hide.

For we are warriors, strong and brave,
With hearts full of passion, and souls that never cave.
And like the goddess of the sea, we can rise above it all,
And conquer every challenge, no matter how tall.

Let us take this lesson, and hold it close to heart,
And let our spirit guide us, right from the very start.
For we are the masters, of our own destiny,
And with every rise above the waves, we can be free.

Thanks for reading.

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@JayJay This is such a touching poem. We all need to be more like her and not let the waves bring us down.