How to say I love you?

5 Sept 2022

How to say I love you? What to do after saying Collect special love tips:

After saying I Love You, the most important thing to note is that feelings should not be expressed in any way by camouflage or wrapped in other kind of feelings.
Have fallen in love with someone but it is becoming difficult to express... it is not only your problem. Many people love but cannot say this with their love. Before moving forward in the path of love, it is very important that the person whom you love also loves you or not. It can start with talking courageously, but how to start it? We are stuck on this footing, so we have brought some special tips...

talk straight:

The most important thing to note about expressing love is that feelings should not be expressed in any way by camouflage or wrapped in other kind of feelings. No matter how romantic or direct you choose to express yourself, make sure your expressions are simple and easily understood as they are expressed.

Start talking but don't pressurize:

The issue of love is not as straightforward as it is understood. Sometimes offers are received, people get flustered. In the state of not being able to refuse directly, they start behaving badly. Many times people do not understand how to give their answer when they get an offer. Sometimes they can be in a dilemma too. In all these situations a lot of patience is required. Give time to yourself and those whom you have told I love you. If the answer does not come even after the passage of time, then understand that the answer is 'no'. Don't put any extra pressure after that.

The only word for yes is 'yes'

Bollywood films are often seen saying that there is a 'yes' in his 'no'. Sometimes even silence is given the form of yes. It is important to note here that after saying yes, love can only be accepted in the form of 'yes'. Apart from this, no word or gesture speaks of acceptance.

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For a variety of reasons, telling your boyfriend "I love you" can be challenging.
Saying "I love you" to your boyfriend can be difficult for a number of reasons. Sometimes the nervousness of saying no, sometimes not having faith in yourself. These three little words can cause a lot of anxiety and pressure.
As easy as it is to love someone, it is difficult to tell him. Especially proposing someone for the first time is not easy. There are many reasons behind this. At the same time, there is also a fear that the one you are proposing may not deny your love.
I am scared of rejection , so because of this i havnt really been able to tell the ones i love ,how much i love them so i end end bottling everything inside. Saying those three words is hard for some of us.
Rajat Dhariwal
The closeness of a relationship is determined by the level of interaction you have reached in it. What kind of things we have started sharing in mutual relations, how much depth is there in those things. What is in each other that we know or understand without saying. But when to say 'I love you' even in such deep relationships, everyone decides according to their own understanding.