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12 Apr 2024

What I think about the changes on Bulb.io

I find myself again more enthusiastic about the prospect of bulb actually becoming a succesfull web3 content creation platform.

Pay with bulb tokens to unlock writing and commenting priviledges

The unlocking of the ability to post and comment at first seemed like a terrible idea, but then it came to me. This will get rid of the spammers, the hopeless gpt copy pasters. the plagiarism enthusiasts and other useless elements that have appeared here on bulb.

Also this will also help to motivate people to use a single account instead of dozens and in some case even hundreds of bulb.io accounts to upvote themselves and pump up those scores with bad comments.

New staking mechanism for bulb tokens

Add this to the new staking mechanism, and a few other positive changes and I think that we are safer now then a few weeks ago when bulb was flooded with bad content created by lazy get rich quickers.

The price of the bulb token ( solana blockchain ) has also seen gains since these new changes have started to be implemented, I expect that some of the old heavy weight content creators will return and start to be active again. The quality of the content should directly reflect the price of the bulb token.

New changes in bulb.io in conclusion

So basically in conclusion, things are looking brighter now than not long ago, so make sure to start writing good posts on bulb and receive those valuable bulb tokens from the solana blockchain that may one day become more valuable than most of us dreamed !

have a great day and don't forget to comment, react, follow and if you really think I deserve it TIP ME!

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