My Crypto Discord Weekly Round-Up #13

2 Sept 2023

Crypto Media is a great source of information, it's very easily digested as it's all organised for you. Not a lot in it outside the mainstream projects though and when that information gets to you it's usually old.

Crypto Twitter is a great source of information too, but it's literally everything so the noise can often overpower any signal. Hard to identify what the people posting have to do with the projects they're talking about too.

Crypto Discords are kinda the best of both worlds. They have the structure that Crypto Twitter does not (and can never have) but go deeper then Crypto Media can (or will ever be able to). The downside is you need to actually be in the Discords to see the information.
There's a lot of interesting stuff that gets announced in Discords that I see, that others don't.
I'm sharing anything I think is particularly noteworthy for people outside of the Discords.
And quite frankly I love what these teams are doing and think it should get more airtime so I'm trying to do my bit to make that happen.

I post daily on my Solcial account (see link at the bottom of the post) and on BULB I'm doing a weekly summary of those posts in a blog post (like the one you're reading now!).

The rules I've set for myself are pretty simple:

  1. I only post from the official announcements channel/s in each Discord. No gated token/NFT gated channels and no discussions from the channels.
  2. I only post what I find interesting. Your mileage may vary. I do have a soft spot for alpha though...
  3. I use the same prompt each time to generate a cover image for the post: discord weekly round up

That's it. Let's get to the posts.

What drew my attention this week?

OATH 26/08/2023

Attention OATH Governors:

Yesterday the Governance Proposal Review Committee (GPRC) held its inaugural meeting. Lots of great proposals over at you should check out, five met criteria to enter GPRC review.

Please find the meeting decisions and voting summary using the following template: Proposal Name (Proposal Author): GPRC Decision

OATH/Ethos Branded Educational Videos (Aspenth): Request for More Information
The GPRC members all thought that this was an initiative that we would like to support pending a meeting between Aspenth and our Marketing / Branding Lead (Crypto North). The GPRC hopes to better coordinate with Aspenth before moving to a community vote to ensure marketing/branding/information of the proposed videos align with long term content strategies and development efforts.

Chainalysis Integration (Chainalysis): Proceed to Vote
GPRC members noted that the proposal is a step in the right direction towards better securing Ethos Reserve and making it the premier place for DeFi users to deposit collateral + find stablecoin yield. OATH Governors should expect to see a Snapshot vote live over on in the coming days.

DrakeOnDigital Ethos Ad Reel (DrakeOnDigital): Proposal Rejected
GPRC members reviewed the proposal and appreciated DrakeOnDigital’s efforts in bringing the proposal to the OATH community for consideration, however, after a lengthy discussion ultimately voted now is not the right time for this type of proposal. Members noted that perhaps in the future the GRPC can consider similar proposals but current marketing needs do not align with the efforts laid out in this submission.

Use of Yearn Vaults for Ethos Reserve (Omgcorn – Yearn Contributor): Proceed to Vote
GPRC members voted to move forward in the voting process with the Yearn proposal. OATH Governors should expect to see a Snapshot vote live over on in the coming days.

Revelo Intel Project Snapshot Reports (Nick Drakon): Proceed to Vote
GPRC members voted to move forward in the voting process with the Revelo Intel proposal. OATH Governors should expect to see a Snapshot vote live over on in the coming days.

JonesDAO 26/08/2023

The Camelot Nitro Pools Have Been Renewed

JONES - ETH Nitro Pools have been renewed and topped up with some fresh xGRAIL rewards

Steps to get Staked:
Make sure your JONES - ETH LP is wrapped in an spNFT
If you already have an spNFT position and are in the old Nitro Pool, unstake your spNFT
Stake in the new Nitro Pool linked below

All of the steps listed above can be accomplished from the 'Positions' section under the 'Earn' tab on the Camelot dApp

Make sure to deposit before the epoch begins in roughly 4 hours!

New Nitro Pool:

BONKz House 24/08/2023

Gm @everyone I hope you’re all well!

It has been a great week at BONKz with some exciting future plans solidified. Here are the updates that I'm able to give you for now!

The burn a BONKz campaign has now officially ended. A total of 82 BONKz were burned! In my opinion this was a hugely successful campaign. It has been some of the best engagement and attention we have had on twitter in many months and was a way of saying thank you to loyal holders with a chance to pick up a cheap but great quality hoodie (I think the price at the time was less than $10). All of course at the same time as deflating the BONKz supply! Don’t worry if you missed out though, hoodies will be available again at some point down the line!

As mentioned previously we have been running a viral rewards campaign these past couple of weeks in a bid to try and empower you guys to get out on social media as much as possible! The winners of a free BONKz for their posts this week are @miki83 and @fab1an for 2 banger tweets showcasing their hoodies! The winner of a free BONKz from our meme comp is @hollow for these bangers attached below

It was great to see so many of you at Poker Night on Monday! If you didn’t make it then there are still 5 weeks up to go and loads more prizes still up for grabs, including Gods NFTs, Bridged NFTs and of course BONKz NFTs for the top 3 places of the tournament, as well as a BONKz up for grabs every week for the winner on the day.

If you have not yet followed our instagram - @BONKz___ then please go and do so! It is such a valuable tool in growing a web2 audience and will play a huge part in our future plans here at BONKz. The hardest part is getting started but once we build up a decent following then I'm confident it will start to snowball and we can really take full advantage of it!

As always, Hex and I will be hosting the weekly BONKz spaces tomorrow at 12:00 AM. Hope as many of you as possible can make it, but it will be recorded for those of you who can’t.

Thank you all once again for your continued support! I'm having a lot of fun right now with BONKz and I hope you're enjoying the ride too!

Big love as always,


Mummy Finance 23/08/2023

@everyone Celebrate the first quarter Gas Monetization Bonus with Mummy Day

Over the last 7 days, we have generated a total of 18,500 $FTM and 27 $ETH. Follow us and check out the breakdown below:

On Fantom:

MLP stakers: 11,100 $FTM
MMY/esMMY stakers: 5,550 $FTM
NFT stakers: 1,900 $FTM

On Optimism:

MLP stakers: 16.45 $ETH
MMY/esMMY stakers: 4.7 $ETH
NFT stakers: 0.65 $ETH

, On Arbitrum:

MLP stakers: 2.45 $ETH
MMY/esMMY stakers: 0.7 $ETH

All of the rewards from the Fantom Foundation have been used to boost our liquidity for trading by minting Mummy Rebirth . Can’t wait to see the fees surge next week!

NoloBot 28/08/2023







Camelot 29/08/2023

Knights of Camelot, @everyone

We're excited to announce that trading & liquidity incentives for The Standard are now live

The Standard is an over-collateralized stablecoin protocol, with minting now live for $EUROs.

$GRAIL rewards will go live soon; head over to the app now

Trader Joe 28/08/2023

New Auto-Pool Farms are now LIVE

Avalanche Auto-Pools:

Arbitrum Auto-Pools:

How to enter a JOE yield farm via an Auto-Pool?

  • Click into an Auto-Pool
  • Deposit your tokens
  • Deposit your token receipt (you receive this after depositing into the Auto-Pool) into the Farm
  • Claim JOE rewards at anytime 24/08/2023

Moonshot now integrated with Backpack!

We love Backpack on Solana. And you can now play Moonshot with it!

Let's spread the word crashers! 28/08/2023

We now have Matrica for Solana holder verification

Please ignore this if you just play Moonshot - this is for NFT holders who are interested in earning a slice of game profits.

See our collection at

Please note, this is only for Solana NFTs. And if you have ported since we posted this message, we'll need to update a latest file with latest ported Solana NFTs. We'll try and do this each time we see a new ported NFT but just ⁠🎫-open-a-ticket if any problems.

If you'd like to port your NEAR NFT pl follow these instructions. This is totally optional!

The steps are:

Beethoven X 28/08/2023


Balancer has been made aware of an exploit related to the vulnerability disclosed earlier this week (

Unfortunately this has also affected pools on the Beethoven X DEX.

Mitigation procedures have been taken which have drastically reduced risks however affected pools are unable to be paused.

To prevent any further exploits, users should withdraw from affected LPs as soon as possible.

The Beethoven X UI will inform all users if they hold liquidity within affected LPs with step-by-step withdrawal instructions. (for Optimism only)

We are aware how stressful these circumstances can be and want to express our sympathies for all users who have been affected by these events.

We remain vigilant during these times and will keep the community updated as things progress. (edited)

OATH 29/08/2023

Our team has been working really hard with partners and stakeholders to design a system of tokenomics that will equip OATH with tools to achieve mass adoption. These changes will take place following the launch of Ethos V2 in October.

Please give the article a read and let us know what you think! We're really excited to hammer out the finer details with governance participants and look forward to all of your feedback

Marinade Finance 30/08/2023

✅ MNDE Incentives vote passes @everyone!

:chefhat: Thanks to everyone for voting in the first proposal on Realms. Over 30M MNDE was used to vote.

:mnde: The campaign to incentivize mSOL and Marinade Native stake will begin soon. You don't have to do anything if you're already staking with Marinade Native or mSOL in a supported use case.

🤝 This incentive campaign will include a referral program, allowing you to get MNDE rewards for bringing people to Marinade Native. Keep an eye out for more information about it!

⏰ Stay tuned for updates on the timing of the incentives launch.

🗳️ Final vote can be viewed here:

Camelot DEX 29/08/2023

Knights of Camelot, @everyone

We're excited to announce that Altitude has arrived at Camelot Castle 🏆

Liquidity for $ALTD has been seeded, and incentives for ALTD/ETH are now live ⚔️

Head over to the Nitro pool for attractive rewards 👇 30/08/2023


As many of you know, we have been working hard behind the scenes building the infrastructure so that partners can integrate our games.

These partnerships will rocket Moonshot to a whole new gamer base. We're delighted to announce our first incoming integration with Brozo on Polygon.

Stay tuned for more!

OATH 30/08/2023

Hello @everyone!

As we continue the consolidation of OATH liquidity to Optimism, ERN and stERN will continue to be exported onto various networks in an ongoing effort to drive demand to mint ERN and deepen its liquidity across chains.

Just last week, stERN made its debut as a composable DeFi token available for trading and liquidity providing. The first stERN pool to land was the ERN-stERN pool on Ramses Exchange, and this week we are launching several new stERN pools for you all to enjoy!

With that in mind, here are the vote incentives that have, or will be offered across the supported Solidly DEXs for the epoch ending tomorrow.

Spot the new pools!

Format – Pool: Vote incentive

ERN-stERN: ~$2400 in OATH
ERN-USD+: ~$1200 in OATH, matched by Overnight Fi
stERN-OATH: ~$400 in OATH to kick off some OATH liquidity on Base

ERN-stERN: ~$2200 in OP
ERN-LUSD: ~$1500 in OP, voted on by Liquity’s veNFT
ERN-DOLA: ~$1500 in OP, matched with another $1500 from Inverse Finance
OATH-WETH: ~$750 in OP

ERN-stERN: ~$2000 in OATH
ERN-USDT: ~$1000 in OATH
ERN-FRAX: ~$800 in OATH to be matched by Frax

ERN-stERN: ~$2000 in OATH
ERN-CASH: ~$1300 in OATH
ERN-STAR: ~$800 in OATH

ERN-stERN: ~$2000 in OATH
ERN-LUSD: ~$700 in OATH, voted on by Liquity’s veNFT
ERN-GRAI: ~$300 in OATH, matched by Gravita

ERN-axlUSDC: ~$160 in OATH
ERN-FRAX: ~$250 in OATH to be matched by Frax

As a friendly reminder to everyone, we own veNFTs for all of these DEXs excluding Velodrome and Aerodrome. Our NFTs are used to vote on our own pools, subsequently collecting a large percentage of the incentives we dish out. The vast majority of OATH that gets used for incentives each week is recycled from the week prior.

In addition, we will be farming on Aerodrome with our POL in an effort to amass a veAERO position in order to enjoy the benefits outlined above.

BONKz House 30/08/2023

It’s a new week and I hope you’re all keeping well!

I try to keep these update announcements going every week so that you are all well informed even if there has not necessarily been a whole load of “development progress.”

Let me fill you in on where my head has been in regards to BONKz this past week.

CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT! In times of tough market conditions like we are currently in, there are some things which I consider to be easy wins and are absolutely pivotal in remaining relevant within the NFT space. Content is one of those things. It costs virtually nothing and has a HUGE impact. I have been trying to push as much content as possible, both on X and on our newly created instagram @BONKz___. Please go follow and support both accounts if you are not already, giving as much engagement to both of these accounts as you can is much more valuable than you might think!

To be entirely transparent, this month BONKz has made exactly 21.05 $SOL in royalties. 15 $SOL of that was used to pay the developer who created the system which checked the solscan API for the legitimacy of the burn a BONKz system. Development is unfortunately not cheap, but we will continue to build throughout this bear market in the most efficient ways possible. I do have ideas for small fundraisers along the way, but right now the game plan is the same (I hope) as everybody else's, to stack as much $SOL as possible and wait for number to inevitably go up. Spending solana at these prices is exceptionally wasteful imo and holding onto it and staking it will pay dividends once we start to see wider market conditions improve. Then we can really start to realise our true goals and ambitions for BONKz. I do also firmly believe that our consistency to stay active will be rewarded and royalties will improve once the NFT market picks back up again.

To be clear, this is not to say that nothing is happening behind the scenes, I have been having a number of exciting phone calls with various teams and companies over the past few weeks in order to solidify our plans and pave the road ahead. The future of BONKz is bright. 🔆

What can you do for BONKz? This goes back to my first point. If you want to support BONKz then the single most impactful thing you can do is shout about it on social media. Any kind of interaction on any of our posts goes a really long way! Creating your own BONKz related posts goes even further! Our viral rewards campaign will be ongoing and we will be looking to pay back anyone who puts time and thought into supporting us.

All things considered, we are in an immensely strong position. We are slowly building up our treasury and laying the foundations for a strong and successful future. The general sentiment towards BONKz over the past month has improved dramatically. People are paying attention again and keeping an eye on our next moves, we will be ready to execute when the time is right.

Thank you all for retaining the vibes and letting us cook, your support means the world!

That’s all from me but I'll catch you guys in discord and on X!

Big love as always,


ALEX 01/08/2023

**Attention All LP Providers and Yield Farms: How to move your LP from "Migrating" to "Main" Pools!** 
LP Providers and Yield Farms, please take care when harvest and farming your LP tokens, the rewards for "Migrating" Pools is ending and have been transferred to the "Main Pools." You must migrate your liquidity!
Please see Medium for detailed instructions:
In Summary:
1️⃣ Claim your LP tokens on the Farm page once your staking period ends.
2️⃣ Go to the “Pool” page, and remove liquidity from the “Migrating” pool.
3️⃣ Once liquidity is withdrawn, add liquidity to the “Main” pool.
4️⃣ Go to the “Farm page” and stake the new LP tokens.

Over to you!

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