Personality Traits

20 Sept 2022

Personality traits are traits and characteristics that help define you as an individual. They are frequently formed throughout life and may remain consistent across a wide range of situations and circumstances. Understanding your characteristics is an important part of career development. Being aware of your own and others' personality traits can help you do your best at work, resulting in improved workplace relationships and career fulfillment.

What are the 5 personality traits?
It's worth noting that each of the five primary personality traits represents a spectrum between two extremes. While there is a substantial body of research supporting these primary personality traits, researchers do not always agree on the precise labels for each dimension. However, these five characteristics are typically described as follows.

Openness describes how adventurous, curious, or open you are to new experiences. This personality trait includes traits like imagination and insight. Individuals who are highly open tend to have a wide range of interests, whereas those who are less open may prefer consistency, routine, and familiarity.

Conscientiousness assesses your organization and efficiency. This personality trait is distinguished by high levels of thoughtfulness, good impulse control, and goal-directed behaviors. Highly conscientious people are organized and detail-oriented. They plan ahead of time, consider how their actions affect others, and keep deadlines in mind. Someone with a lower score on this primary personality trait is less structured and organized. They may procrastinate in order to complete tasks, sometimes completely missing deadlines.

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