My first day in school

17 Jul 2022

Woke up so early in the morning excited because I was resuming a higher class, actually I was nervous too,  because I was so scared of meeting new friends, lol yes I was very shy. Had my bath , brush my teeth, had my breakfast and off I went to school. On reaching school I saw the crowd, I became more nervous, I was been dragged by my dad to class, how funny, lol. So while in class I nearly talked to anyone. I was just on my own, then while in a class while the teaching was going on. A random question was asked in class which I knew the answer well but I hid, the teacher called me up to answer. I stood up and started stammering, the whole class bursted into laughter and I ran our if the class crying. Well I was being counseled, and I got back my courage.

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