Anxiety Disorder(2)

5 Sept 2022

I have spoken about what anxiety disorder is all about, I will now proceed to talk about the types of anxiety disorder;

Panic Disorder: This means you have recurring panic attacks at inconvenient times. Panic disorder is characterized by intense and persistent panic attacks that occur unexpectedly and without warning. Physical and emotional symptoms of a panic attack include rapid heartbeat, increased respiration, and feelings of extreme terror. 

Social Anxiety Disorder: Social anxiety disorder (SAD), formerly known as social phobia, is characterized by a fear of interpersonal interactions. This phobia may be more generalized and encompass a variety of social situations as opposed to being focused on specific events, such as public speaking. With this condition, a person's perception of how closely others scrutinize them is exaggerated. They might have harsh self-criticism and display signs of social anxiety that are both physical and emotional.

Separation anxiety disorder. This means you have a fear of being away from home or your loved ones.


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This anxieties are quite commonl in our day to day activities and should be learnt and understood
The type of anxiety that i go through on a daily is the Social Anxiety Disorder:, i am still figuring ways to deal with it. It has not been easy tho.