Bridge Network

20 May 2022

Bridge network as name suggests helps to bridges the assest (tokens and coins) from one blockchain to another . Currently it is tradeable in pancakeswap and mexc exchange. 
As of now , it's price is around $0.4 and could go higher if mainnet launch . Mainnet Launch is expected  on May 20 , 2022 : It is  audited by certik.

Major details on tokens : 
Total and Max supply : 500 Million .
Circulating Supply : 1.34 Million
Note that testnet rewards is expected to 7 Million by the date May 20 on Mainnet Launch.
Supported Networks : Ethereum , BSC , polygon , Avalanche ,Kucoin , Arbitrum and so more expected soon.
The fee varies from chain to chain ranging 0.1-0.5 percantage. In near future it is expected to support 20+ networks .

Price history : 

Major Features : 

a ) Token Bridges
b) NFT bridges
c) Custom Tokens
d)Cross-chain Trading
e)cross-chain yield aggregator
f)Multi-chain Explorer.

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