The Blockchain Life - Developing Powerful Habits & The Art Of WEB3 Engagement

12 Feb 2024

You Are What You Do
Regardless of your level of interest or involvement with Crypto, one particular aspect is common to all of us, and that is time. No matter what you are hoping to accomplish, you are going to have to sacrifice and dedicate a certain amount of time to realize any measure of success. For many, this sounds acceptable and even understandable. However, when the rubber hits the road, dedication and motivation often begin to waver.
Many expect to make fortunes while simultaneously doing very little to make their expectations a reality. Successful people have successful habits and choose to dedicate their time to maintaining these habits. You are what you do, not what you want. The blockchain-based life is very much about establishing and nurturing powerful habits. This can sometimes be a process. However, one thing is for certain; it’s an active process. No-coiners are well renowned for attributing “luck” to any level of Crypto Success.
Anyone who has spent more than a couple of years in the Crypto space can attest to how challenging it can be at times. You have to be emotionally and mentally fit to conquer this terrain. It’s not an easy ride! This is why those who survive are those who have established rock-solid habits of success. Habits they don’t dare to break, not even for a day. Strict disciplines are accompanied by a lifestyle of interaction and engagement within the WEB3 space.
The Power Of Engagement
Within the world of WEB3, engagement usually provides monetization. This is one of WEB3’s most powerful drawcards at the moment. This was addressed in my latest post, “Hive & The LeoVerse – Leading Innovation & The WEB3 Race”. However, monetization is not the only benefit of interaction and engagement. In the world of blockchain, and more specifically, WEB3, engagement is the lifeblood of brand building. Not only that, but it encourages accountability.
Once you begin “habitually transacting” on-chain, people will begin to notice if you start deviating from your “regular routine”. This creates an expectation and, simultaneously, accountability. This all begins to come together. Good habits, a high level of engagement, monetization, and accountability. By choosing to lead a disciplined life on the blockchain, you begin to secure your success.
Eventually, your actions, habits, and behavior have you locked in a cocoon of success. This is how you begin to solidify your success on-chain. Your daily habits become like building bricks that work to fortify your personal brand and presence on-chain. When we are creating and engaging within the Hive ecosystem, we are on-chain. Everything is being recorded, published, and stored on-chain.
A dedicated effort in this regard is exactly what it takes to build your own brand and eventually secure a measure of success. This is not an overnight process. That’s why it’s called “brand building.” You have to start with nothing. Every building or construction that exists today was once just a vacant plot. And every building that exists began its existence by the laying of its first brick.

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Final Thoughts
Blockchain and WEB3 are loaded with potential. However, it’s not a free lunch. If you want to make it in this space, it’s going to cost you. Many have realized this. Not only have they realized it, they have embraced it and are actively building their own personal brand. WEB3 is all about individuality and ownership, and this corresponds favorably with the idea of a personal brand. A brand that is fashioned by the individual or group, and not the restrictive constraints that exist within WEB2.
Thanks for stopping by. Happy brand building! Remember, successful habits will eventually reward and affirm your dedication Catch you next time!

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