23 Jan 2023

My father loves to make the remark that jewelry is a disease that all women have. (He also publicly acknowledges that he suffers from a sickness known as boating, but that is an other tale.) Women, in my opinion, have a jewelry REMEDY.
I suppose he views everything that entails routinely spending money and/or acquiring goods as an illness, which implies a bad quality. In all seriousness, I believe that these deeds can be therapeutic (and I know my dad would agree in terms of boating). The correct word to use is "remedy". The cure lies in the jewelry, not in the illness.

Don't get me wrong, but... First and foremost, I think that just by existing and breathing, everyone of us has the capacity to experience feelings of strength, love, and connection. By establishing a sense of self-groundedness and understanding how we are interconnected Through our essence and spirit, everything is enough. Real love, connection, and inner tranquility cannot be replaced by anything material. However, I do think that tangible things, together with our loved ones and experiences, have the capacity to transport us and remind us of that inner contentment.
We are taken to different recollections by jewelry.
Jewelry gift idea number one: a unique item that brings to mind a time or place you've shared together.
Given a gift, we are reminded of the sender. Every time we wear or even just see an unique piece of jewelry that was given to us by someone we love, we remember that person. We are brought back to the time we first received the artwork, when

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