How did the universe begin? (Video+Article)

21 Jun 2024

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The question of how the universe began is one of the most profound mysteries in science. The prevailing theory is the Big Bang, which posits that the universe started as an extremely hot and dense singularity around 13.8 billion years ago. This singularity expanded rapidly, cooling as it did so, leading to the formation of subatomic particles, atoms, stars, and galaxies.
Despite the success of the Big Bang theory in explaining the universe's evolution from its earliest moments, it does not describe what caused the Big Bang itself or what, if anything, preceded it. The conditions at the very beginning of the Big Bang are beyond the reach of our current physical laws, making it difficult to explain what caused it or what existed before that point in time.
Understanding the true origin of the universe remains a major challenge. Advances in cosmology, quantum physics, and high-energy particle experiments continue to provide insights, but a complete and satisfactory explanation is still out of reach. As we develop new technologies and refine our theories, we hope to get closer to answering this fundamental question about our existence.

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