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22 Nov 2022

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Punters Clubs: What are they and how do they Work?

A punters club is a group of people who share the same interest in betting on horses or other sports, generally mates getting together for a bit of fun, banter and hopefully win a bit of cash. However it can also be a professional occupation for some.

They are a form of social club and they are found in many countries and since covid, and the rise of online betting Apps, seems to continually grow to support the growth of punters clubs or punting syndicates. 
These clubs typically have members who follow the same type of betting strategy. They also share tips and techniques with each other to improve their chances of winning. 

Origins of Punters Clubs

A Punters Club is an organisation or social group that is dedicated to the sport of horse racing or other sports. They provide a variety of services for their members, such as betting odds, race results, and horse racing news.
A punters club was founded in 1887 by William Hill, who was a successful bookmaker. He wanted to give his clients a place where they could go for all the information they needed about horse racing. This has grown into more a social outlet where a Punters Club provides services to their members. They also have live streaming of races on their website which are available to watch for free with no sign up required, these capabilities make it easier for punters clubs to watch their bets.

Benefits of a Punters Club

There are many benefits that come with punting. It is a great way to make some extra cash while having fun at the same time. However, it can also be risky and you may end up losing your money if you don't know what you're doing. So before getting involved in this activity, it is important to consider whether or not this is something you want to do.

Why get involved?

Punters are the people who bet on horses or other sports for the opportunity to win some funds. They can be any age ( over 18) and they come from all walks of life.
Punters have a lot of reasons for getting involved in horse racing, some of which are financial, some are recreational, and others are social.
Some punters enjoy the thrill of winning big sums of money at the races. Others enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie that comes with being involved with a small group of People

My Experience

The punters club I am in provides a great opportunity to get together with mates, socialise and share a few stories.  

We run our punters club so we have cash for a weekend away, we bet half of our funds and bank the rest to ensure we have some money in the kitty to enjoy a weekend away with my mates. The more we win over the course of the year determines where we go and what we can spend. 

Are you involved in a Punters Club and what is your experience with them?

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There are definitely so many things covered in this punters articles, hope so for good
I am not currently in a punter's club but I would love to join one. I love horce races
Oddly enough I have never heard the term punters club before today, but it seems like a really cool group to form/join. I have been considering betting on fights & football games for a minute now
@Napes i have heard and done a bit of research about punters clubs i think they are a good way to create a social group with friends and is a easy way to get together and have fun. also there is chances of making some cash.
Good article!! I think these types of clubs are good for the mental health of the participants as well. Good club with mates that share similar interests, support each other and have a laugh is good for all involved and supplies a network for people to reach out if they need to.
south coast surfer
Great article!! I’m part of a Punters Club too and find it quite ironic that the parameters you set in your club are very much the same as the club I am in. The idea of getting together with mates, who all share a fondness for betting on sports - whether that’s horse racing, footy, or any other sport is great fun. It would be good to know how successful your club is?
The special aspect of a punters club is that it allows members to pool their resources and place larger bets than they may have been able to do individually. This is amazing.