Hamster Kombat Cipher, Pixeltap and Gemzcoin Combo Cards for 22th of June

22 Jun 2024

Hamster Kombat Cipher, Pixeltap and Gemzcoin Combo Cards for 22th of June

Hamster Kombat
Hamster Kombat is a Tap to Earn Telegram app where you can upgrade to earn hourly. It’s the first game to integrate investing within the gameplay.

Join the Telegram Hamster Kombat bot here:

Cipher for Hamster for 22th of June: FARM

F . . - . (Dot, dot, dash, dot)

A . - (Dot, Dash)

R . - . (Dot, dash, dot)

M - - (Dash, dash)

Combo Cards for Hamster for 22th of June:
- Staking (Markets);
- License Bangladesh (Legal);
- YouTube Gold Button (Special);

Another clicker game after Hamster Kombat. You can play this game as an alternative of Hamster Kombat! Very interesting and addictive!

Join Gemzcoin game:

Combo Cards for Gemzcoin for 22th of June:
- Water Cooled PC (Gear);
- Remembering Doge (Specials);
- Airdop with balloons (Specials);

Pixeltap by Pixelverse
Pixeltap is a web3 platform that recently introduced a mini-app on Telegram, allowing users, or more accurately, players, to earn points. These points will eventually be converted into $Pixfi tokens once the tokens are launched.

Join the PixelTap game here:

Combo Cards for Pixeltap for the 22th of June look for the picture below:

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