Unveiling the $DOG Airdrop on Coinbase Base: Empowering Community Participation and Ownership

9 Feb 2024

$DOG, the fractionalized Doge NFT, is set to embark on its largest airdrop ever on Coinbase's Base platform, ushering in a new era of community engagement and inclusivity within the 5ire ecosystem. This groundbreaking campaign aims to democratize ownership of the iconic Doge meme, minted by Atsuko Sato, and foster a vibrant network centered around cultural memes. Through strategic supply shifts and redistribution, $DOG endeavors to create a more community-centric ecosystem, empowering internet citizens to partake in the ownership of Doge.
Airdrop Structure and Criteria:
The $DOG airdrop encompasses various sections, each tailored to cater to different segments of the community and incentivize active participation. Let's delve into the breakdown of these sections and their corresponding distribution criteria:
Section 1: General & Community Airdrop

  • Date: February 8th
    • Total Allocation: 770,000,000 $DOGBase communities: 350,000,000 $DOG distributed evenly among eligible addresses, with additional multipliers for veAERO and rainbow addresses.
    • Broader Base ecosystem: 320,000,000 $DOG allocated based on activity (more than 40 transactions), promoting fairness and inclusivity.
    • Minters of onchain summer NFTs: 100,000,000 $DOG distributed to eligible addresses, with multiple allocations based on collection ownership.

Section 2: Create Doge with TITLES, Get $DOG

  • Duration: One month (February 8th to March 8th)
    • Total Allocation: 108,484,848 $DOGCreators on TITLES: Users generating unique Doge imagery with AI models receive a portion of the allocation, with bonuses for shared submissions and additional rewards for top submissions and competition winners.

Section 3: Swap, Trade, and Bridge $DOG on Base

  • Date: February 8th to February 29th
    • Total Allocation: 60,000,000 $DOGRewards for using superbridge or base bridge, transacting on Base, and engaging in $DOG-related activities, promoting liquidity and participation within the ecosystem.

Section 4: Community Activation

  • Date: February 8th to February 29th
    • Total Allocation: 60,000,000 $DOGReserved for marketing initiatives, giveaways, and community engagement activities, fostering a vibrant and interactive ecosystem.

Annexure: Detailed Address Breakdowns

  • Lists of specific addresses eligible for airdrop allocations, categorized based on participation criteria and engagement levels across various platforms and communities.

The $DOG airdrop on Coinbase's Base platform represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of community-driven ecosystems, where ownership of cultural icons intersects with blockchain innovation. By democratizing access to $DOG tokens and incentivizing active participation, this campaign aims to foster inclusivity, diversity, and engagement within the 5ire ecosystem. As participants eagerly await their allocations and engage in creative endeavors, the $DOG community stands poised to redefine the narrative of meme ownership and cultural expression in the digital age.

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