Employment Tips Part-2

31 Aug 2022

It is not easy to give a good interview with confidence, especially without experience. Still, there are some things that everyone should learn. Whether you are giving interview for the first time or for 100th time or for entry level or senior level, some things must be kept in mind.

Before going to the interview, you must prepare on some points

If you have not done research for the interview, if you have not known, understood, tested yourself in normal life, then your interviewer will also understand all this. Therefore, before going to the interview, be sure to prepare on some points. First of all, do research online related to the job for which you want to interview.

  • Re-read the job description and determine the responsibilities and requirements most relevant to the position.
  • The description written in the job posting is called JD or Job Description. Read this JD many times, understand the responsibilities, qualifications etc. related to it, mark it. See what information you have about these, and what more can be achieved.
  • Try to understand what will be the expectations of you in the position you are applying for, what responsibilities you will have to take, how you will have to perform the tasks. For example, a sales person does not sell or sell just any product or service. They have to do many other things like daily, weekly, monthly reporting, sometimes fund collection, post sale support till the client is comfortable with the product or service etc.
  • If a salesperson goes for a job interview, and has the ability to sell very well, he may be hired, but he has to learn other things, otherwise staying in the job for a very long time, or getting growth, is difficult. Will happen .
  • Whether the industry the company is a part of, whether it is the domain of your expertise or not, you should have proper information related to that area, that industry. If you do not even know exactly in which domain the company works, then how will you justify your work properly?
  • Revisit your cover letter and CV and prepare for questions related to the information you have given to the company about yourself. Keep the preparation related to your personality complete outside your CV as well.
  • Also prepare about your hobbies, your successes, past experiences, dreams for your future professional life, courses you have chosen and studied, internships if you are fresher, etc as these questions are usually asked in any interview. go.
  • Keep in mind, companies usually do verification, background checks too, so give correct information, on paper, and in interviews too.
  • Most important thing. You should also have questions related to the company, like on what basis the company does promotions and appraisals. What is the leave policy in general there? Whether there is a provision of work from home in general (besides Covid) or not. If yes, then the information related to it. Also try to understand whether according to your role, this company gives you opportunities to grow, study further, move forward or not.

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