Bull Run

30 Sept 2022

The anticipation for the next bull run is out of this world. A lot of people are really hoping for the market to get back to how it was in the first quarter of 2021. Every crypto investor was smiling until the bear market finally came in the early phase of the second quarter. Since then, there has been a lot of downward and sideward movement in the market. Once there is a little upward movement, it doesn't long before it goes back down. 
People really invested a lot in the crypto market and currently, most of those investments are nothing to write home about. But sure it's just for a while. I can remember the first major crypto bull run in 2017 that got BTC to 20K, it was good but the following year was terrible especially for ETH. ETH dropped to as low as $100 from $1500. After a couple of years, in late 2020, the crypto market began to get back and we enjoyed it till the first quarter of 2021.
This is to say that the current market situation will certainly change when the right time comes. Brace up guys, we shall surely return to the moon!


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