24 Feb 2023

Things have gone wrong and times have been difficult, yet our great love for one another has endured.

You may argue that there is no reason to continue since nothing is correct, but we never give up and keep fighting.

We have sight because of a light of love.
Even if our hearts can at times become gloomy, we are aware of the light.

Despite the unfairness of our respective situations, we are both able to overcome them thanks to a unique trait we both possess.

You become conscious of our feelings as a result of the trials—a love that is not phony but utterly genuine.

I am aware that at times it feels unfair, but we must persevere through these difficulties until we are cured.

The difficulty of trials makes you feel like there is no hope.

There are times when you may feel like you are at your wits' end, but you must look deep within yourself.

Put an end to your hopelessness and make a fresh start.

Because true love for one another is a blessing that some people never experience, when adversity strikes, remember that we have a special bond that had to come from above. Your tribulations will pass, and what brought you through them was unadulterated love.

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