Build Confidence, a Team and Capacity

26 May 2023

Leadership Series 2

Dear Leaders

Growing confidence is developing from within, understanding that you are human, but continue to try until you progress

Confidence they say is the backbone of the Conqueror. Understand that we do not aim for perfection but for progress

Note this; growing confidence does not take away errors and mistakes but it produces zest for growth and taking up responsibility to progress

We must understand that when we make mistakes, own them, learn from them, we progress and build confidence for the future

I write this for you to know that making mistakes is a sign of growth, you made mistakes because your tried. It's part of the process to building Confidence. Just keep at what you do

Team Bonding is an element that binds and builds a formidable team

When people get to know each other it takes away fears and grows trust. Trust is an essential factor in building a team. When people trust themselves, they work at ease

Every time you make effort to bond your team, you are creating a connection that helps for easy processing to get things done

When a team is bonded, they work in love and whey they work in love, they produce positive results

Remember results produced is an outcome of team capacity. So, when you bond you are building team capacity

Understand this and create a bonding system as a growth tool

Growing your mental capacity is an essential key to building and managing a team.

Everyone thinks and act differently but it is expected of the leader to get a working understanding with everyone. This can only happen when you grow your mind.

Expand your thinking, learn to see things from people's perspective and not just yours. There is a reason people do some things, you need to always find out why?

A basic question you must learn to ask is WHY. Why did you do this, why did you go there, why respond this way? When you can answer the WHY, it helps you thinking.

This is the reason you must ; accept people, cut people some slack, give benefit of the doubt, give positive excuses for people etc.

You see the bigger your mind, the better your acceptability of people and much more the better you manage them. Learn to think in the light of others. This will put your life at ease. Think Globally in scope.

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Team building is the one of the good quality of Leadership and it will increase the team spirit also.
Team building can be hard as you are trying to bring people of perspective to achieve one goal.