Death of dream

15 Nov 2022

I thought dreams
were a creation of desires
Push forward with hard work into making it
A reality

To articulate the word, "Dreams do come true"

The magic words of success
Was never to give up on your dreams
Grab every opportunity
Seize the moment
And paint your life colorful

Yet the colors my life choose
To get addicted to was that of dark aura
No matter how daily I tried to sketch
The drawings of plans-turns-achievements
And however, I fill in the colors in-between
The empty spaces of it, beauty still fade

Don't get me wrong, I'm not pessimistic
I tried my best to spread my light
Wherever I go
But the darkness still seems to find its way around it

I walk with sunshine of confidence and pride
Flaunting boastful dreams and empty achievements to the world
Every night
I lay in bed, with tears of regrets
Preparing for how to develop my next chapter of fake life
Trying to cover every track not to get caught
Not to become a terrible tale to people
Or a sign of derision.

So today, for me, believing every dream does come through
I see it as an escapist of my reality

Through escapism,
I'm able to live life to the fullest
So don't blame me if I dare not dream.


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