children's meeting

22 Oct 2022

Nita: November 28 by Maha Tma Jotirao Phule
Death anniversary and 6 December Dr. Eb with Baba
Ambedkar's Maha Parinirvana
Ni Mitta organized this children's meeting
is The target weight of this Balsabha is Std
He has a class of six. my class friend
Kunal presided over this children's meeting
I agree to him on behalf of Varga
V asks. Why is the headmaster of the school,
All teachers and today's work order
The President should take his place on the stage.I request them. Also
The Principal and the President
Phule and Dr. Babasah Abe Ambedkar
Mess wreath should be offered to them
I also request them.

Tanvi : This next work sequence is coordinated by me
will do Now we have two nobles
Vs four of persons, their work, their
Let's listen to some events in life.
Anwar belongs to class V
Vs will present four.

Anwar: Honorable platform and my friends, today I am going to talk about the work of Mahatma Phule.
Mahatma Phule had to endure immense hardship while starting a school for girls
took; But still it from our thoughts
did not waver. Because of their efforts
Today the doors of education are open for women
and women have become educated
Along with his family, he is contributing to the development of the country. Such
By paying tribute to this Mahatma, my two
The word stops. Yay!

Tanvi: Thank you Anwar! After this in class VI
Ni Lofer will present his thoughts.

Ni Lofer: Today I am Dr. About Ambedkar
going to speak
Dr. Babasaheb's original name was Bhimrao. He and Deal Ramji were passionate about Vyasangi and education;
So he taught Babasaheb
Encouraged to take. For that he
Worked hard. On the motion of Babasaheb
He had a keen eye. Reverend Ambedkar's father's thoughts
was Dr. Babasaheb's closest friend
MR means books. They are very good in books
used to enjoy And because of thinking, they are neither thinking nor thinking
Got into the habit of doing it. sharp
Wisdom, great knowledge and infinite learning
Because of this, it of our Indian Constitution
Crafted. This is a great achievement
I salute the architect of the incident
stops by Yay!
Tanvi : Thank you Loafer! After this, I will share my thoughts with Gurupreet in class VII Calling forward to present.

Gurupreet: We call Mahatma Jyoti Ba Phule a Mahatma, because he did for the society,
Worked a lot for the country. truth seeker
Society was established. Widow marriage
Give encouragement. Orphanages removed.
Everyone should learn this day and night
Struggled. Dr. By Babasaheb Ambedkar
Milind and Siddhartha Colleges were established without recognizing the importance of education;
Provided accommodation to the students by constructing hostels, like books
He told us that there is no other friend
message to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
He was the architect of the Indian Constitution
is known as Both of these persons are very important to us. They don't
My two words with heartfelt appreciation
completes Yay!

Tanvi : Thank you Gurupreet! Now I request the chairman of today's order of business, that
They should present their thoughts.

Kunal: No friends, for giving me the post of president
First of all I thank you.
We have heard the thoughts of many students.
From it we got the knowledge of the work and thoughts of these two great persons.
As poet Vinda Karandikar said -
He who gives must give,
Let the taker take it.
One day at a time,
Take the hand of the giver.
Mahatma Phule and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
Inspired by his work, sacrifice and service
We are the Ganga of education from home to home
Let's resolve to deliver and our Let us strive to ensure that no student in the area stays out of school. That's it
It will be a real compliment from you.
Having said this, I stop. Yay!

Tanvi : Thank you Kunal! No thanks now
Chander will do..

Chander: Today in the children's assembly of our class
Headmaster, all the students are present
Thank you for that
believes Why our class education?
Without guiding us to value, as well
of the school to carry out this task sequence
By Rakhva Aldar Mama, Sevaki Mawashi
It helped us a lot in our work, that's why
We decorate this hall, Arrange a forum, arrange a meeting for children
could Thanks to him for that too
believes Neeta and Tanvi are very nice
Moderated by Meenal and John
The platform was set up. Q sounds
Arranged. To you in this hall
Mahatma Phule and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
A pictorial sketch of events on his life
This is Sate. Kumud, Sampada, Praphulla and Chi Nappa drew these pictures
are Hence the atmosphere of the children's meeting
Nirmi, it was well done, and thanks to all of you, class VI and three
Agrees and declares on behalf of the President that the order of business is over.

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