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23 Mar 2023

Computers have changed our lives and made everything we do a lot easier. To the point, AI or Artificial Intelligence might just replace a few jobs. Saying that doesn't mean all jobs will be endangered species as AI still lacks the human touch.

In the last 2-3 months platforms like Midjourney, Dall-E and Stable Fusion have set the artist and design world on fire. The art community has had mixed reactions as having the designers sprouting fear that AI will take their livelihood away from them. Others have been much more optimistic pondering what endless possibilities they now have at their fingertips using AI.
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Everyone is now some type of AI expert and had 5 years of Chat GPT experience on their Linkedins and resumes. They really are a fast-moving crowd....Enter the Lol's

Google can create infinite looping flythrough nature videoes from just 1 single image. That is wild, when you think of Google Maps blending Google Images blending Google Lense and they haven't even integrated those platforms into this yet just wild my friends.

The example is here using

Just a prediction and one that's well placed given how new technology rolls out across industries is that new jobs will be created as we embrace AI generators but it will be more along the lines of specialisations.
AI is fun to use now but it's so hit and miss, it takes precision commands to get high-quality output. Here is my horror output for a "fox floating on a cloud" it resembles the MetaMask logo made in Dream Studio.

But with some finely tuned commands, you could get awe-inspiring AI-generated outputs.
If you don't quite have wordsmith level 99 skills you can buy those skills for a price see this handy marketplace for AI prompts -

Marketplaces where AI technicians and description masters will be able to command a fee for providing very useful inputs into the AI command line will become highly sought after. Just as Blockchain is part of most tech conversations you needed a smart contract developer to get involved with blockchain and it was a highly sought-after skillset.

It takes some thinking out of the box to see the opportunities. Imagine fashion designers now having much more intuitive concepts like this and thinking about it differently.

See the full moving design here

If you see the above image and think fashion is the hoodie you need to open your mind.
With the right mindset, you can create jobs and skills that match the market and where it's moving. Artists and designers won't lose their jobs. They have the best-placed knowledge to make some really interesting artwork and designs.

I've worked with AI content platforms, AI Ad platforms, AI Engagement platforms and more and it's always the same pattern. First people are scared, then early adopters create new opportunities, and then slowly but surely the mainstream starts to cross the line and embrace the new tech.

Here's me working as a Zoo keeper using AI commands (epic fail). This looks more like a Monkey Gem collector in front of the sun.

Everyone has a place in the future. AI will make industries change and adapt to new ways of working with Human workforces and computer assistants.

I can't say AI is good or bad yet because we are at the bottom of the adoption curve. We don't know how it will be used and to what extent we will be allowed to use it. If someone doesn't license AI or make rules around the use of AI and deepfakes.

That AI command marketplace one more time is AI Prompt commands -
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