What to expect from Thor Love and Thunder??

27 Jun 2022

Thor love and Thunder is about to release in theaters soon but what to expect about it so that you won't get dispointed later. Let's talk on this.

First of all, we knew that this movie is directed by Taika Waiti so remembering thus things as usual we can expect this movie is same sort of movies like Thor Ragnarok . I mean the movie will have lots of laughing jokes , funny scenes and first half will be full of romance and so on. For second half we might see some darkness and depressed story of Thor being distracted and challenged by Villian Gorr the God butcher. He had done lots of changes in Thor due to speech in Comics . So this movie will have second part full of action plus some tragic stories too and end will be happy as usual.
So ,this movie will have lots of fun i first half anf and proper development of each character and their new powers and relationship after these years and then second half will be somewhat serious and end will be happy .Since this is marvel movies ,it will epic level in VFX and other things . You can expect this movie following almost same pattern as Thor Ragnarok.

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Nice to see you 😊😊
As expected , it was average movies with lots of funny scene . Stroyline was too straight. It's ok but we always expect high from marvel.
Haven’t seen this movie yet but looking forward to it.