Supermen with no capes

12 Feb 2023

To all veterans, both near and far.
We appreciate all that you have done for us throughout the years.

Some of you offered your life, while others donated their time.
You willingly paid the price to protect our freedom.

Many of you were transferred abroad.
You suffered war wounds, leaving you with scars and illness.

However, you faced the storm head-on and with courage.
You persevered through every challenge with faith.

We gladly honor you for all that you have accomplished.
You made a brave stand for our nation and for our sons and daughters.

We walk hand in hand so that no one is ever alone.
Recall that we are by your side.

We will stand as one.
Today, we salute you.

Observe what we say.
Let our words be powerful in this unique way.

Let's show you how much we appreciate and love you on this day for the sacrifice you made.

We will never forget how strong and courageous you were while serving in the military for many years and days.

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