Heart Rates Problem

15 Aug 2022

Why does the heartbeat increase, know the dangers and signs:

If your heartbeat keeps increasing suddenly, then you should not take it lightly. It can also be a sign of heart related problem. A sudden increase in heartbeat is called heart arrhythmia and carelessness can even kill you.
Heart arrhythmia is sometimes also a symptom of a heart attack, so never ignore it. If you start feeling cold along with the increase in heart rate, then you should contact the doctor immediately.
Sometimes this problem also occurs in younger people. As soon as sitting, the heart starts panicking and breathlessness starts. If suddenly your own heartbeat starts feeling outside, then consider it as an alarm bell. These symptoms without hard work are a sign of heart disease. Many times this problem can be seen in old heart diseases or even in old people.

What is Heart Arrhythmia?
Heart arrhythmia is a sudden rapid or slow heartbeat. This happens when the electrical pulses in the heart do not work properly. Due to the disturbance of the electrical impulse of the heart, the heart blood circulation also gets disturbed. Therefore it should not be taken lightly. Heart arrhythmias increase the risk of heart stroke and cardiac arrest.
Heart Arrhythmia Symptoms:

  • dizziness or sudden feeling of extreme weakness


  • sudden trouble breathing
  • Feeling of chest pain or tightness
  • severe twitching of the neck or chest
  • sudden blurred vision

Apart from all this, symptoms like chest pain, excessive sweating are also felt in heart arrhythmia. If you notice any of these symptoms or signs in your body, contact your doctor immediately.
To prevent heart arrhythmia, it is important to keep an eye on cholesterol, high or low BP. If you have problems with increased heartbeat, then you should keep getting tests like heart monitor, blood test, ECG done.

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