Top 5 Meme Coins to Consider Accumulating During the Bull Run

19 Apr 2024

Are you prepared to see a 100x return on your investment?
Lets explore the world of memecoins and find five promising investments that might return 100x in 2024.
The digital asset market has seen numerous tokens experience enormous gains throughout April, but a variety of meme coins from throughout the sector were responsible for some of the largest surges.
Despite the fact that this month has seen an adjustment, let's examine the top five meme coins and cryptocurrencies that have the potential to do 100x in 2024.
I'd be using data from Dexscreener for this article.

Stanley Cup Coin

The coin, Stanley Cup Coin STAN, is built on the Solana blockchain. Stan is based on the Stanley Cup, which has gained popularity as a meme.
It peaked at 27 or 28 million at first and then abruptly dried up. However, there was a little selloff after that.
Currently, it has a good chance of reaching 100 million even though it's unclear if the selloff is continuing.
Stanley Cup Coin has an excellent team and community and frequently shares updates on social media.
According to market capitalization, Stanley Cup Coin is presently rated as the #591 cryptocurrency.


Solama SOLAMA is the official unofficial mascot of Solana, a blockchain platform.
Supported by a capable development team and a well-thought-out project strategy, Salama has quickly grown its community of over 28,000 token holders.
Solama is now attempting to list its native token on C coin, and donations are being encouraged to support the token listing.
Solama is currently available for trading on seven decentralized and centralized exchanges with a 24-hour trading volume of $6,428,125.


Ponke PONKE is a brand new digital asset developed on the Salana blockchain.
Noted for its quick transactions and inexpensive fees,
Ponke stands out from the competition thanks to its unique take on tokenomics and 555 million token supply.
Ponke has a vibrant and supportive community and actively engages with its users on social media. It is currently available for trading on multiple exchanges.


Duko DUKO is a meme coin that prioritizes charity causes and community involvement. A percentage of the revenues from Duko is set aside for dog charities, which has gained the respect and support of the cryptocurrency community. High-profile endorsements and successful listings on well-known exchanges have increased the buzz around Duko. It is currently available for trading with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,579.56.


Tremp is a political-themed meme coin that has gained popularity in the cryptocurrency world.
Despite being associated with Trump, the initiative is more about memes, camaraderie, and having fun than it is about political beliefs.
Tremp is currently available for trading on multiple exchanges.

To sum it up

Investors will have a special and profitable opportunity in the realm of meme coins in 2024. These coins carry a large risk but also a chance for substantial rewards.
These coins might grow by up to 100x.
Despite the possibility of large returns, it is important to use caution when making investments and only use funds that you are ready to lose.

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