Effective Communication For Organization Efficiency

22 Sept 2022

In every Organization there is always a leader and those to be lead. For communication to take place there must be a source and destination (Receiver and the sender) In every organization there must be an understanding of the information between the sender and the receiver.This applies both in formal and informal organization.
  The importance of communication in any organized endeavor is also impossible to understate.it is pivoted upon which a success of every organization revolves.communication is means by which all organized activities are unified (Every organization uses communication as a tool for togetherness and efficiency purpose) Everything managers do to facilitate attaining organizational objectives requires effective communication.
Communication is very important without communication individual’s cannot achieve their goals unless people can communicate they cannot work together to formulate policies and attain goals and objectives.individual also in order for effective communication must have a mutual understanding that is between the managers and the workers.

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