Fictional: Champs Battle for Planets

22 Oct 2022

Long before the discovery by humans, there existed some creatures called Champs and they had their own universe and each of them has portion in the universe to duel which was called platform. Because these planets were so big that it took them time to communicate with each other, skillful ones among them came together to create ships which they used now in visiting each other faster and comfortably. The ships were well built, they were not only beautiful but also had defense tools.

As time passed, they grew in number. One thing to note about these creatures was the fact that they were hermaphrodite. That is to say everyone of they were making babies and expanding babies. Some of the families barely had space to plant farmland.
They were literally starving. The ones that have little empty space refused to help others because they say the same situation may soon be their fate.
Some of the Champs could not stand the sight of having their young ones die of hunger borne out of the uncontrollable circumstances they found themselves.
The ones that were badly affected then came together to discuss the way forward. After evaluating every option, they agreed they were going to battle against those with extra even though they were bothers. They were desperate to preserve their young ones.

When they were done with all their plans, the Champs who had extra space on their planets also came together to discuss ways to protect their planets from inversion and possibly takeover by the ones that had none. So, while others were fighting to claim planets that were not theirs, the owners were fighting to defend their planets.
Who would have believed such a thing? That a once peaceful universe is on fire. Who would have believed that Champs would use their unique superpowers to destroy each other?
Well, whichever way we look at it, the two sides are justified in the fight. One camp fought for their survival and the survival of their kind but too bad, they were fighting for what was obviously not theirs.

The opponent's camp fought to defend their territories against intruders and to preserve the little space they had for their own kind but they forgot they were one united family when they were not many...they forgot the family bond and watched their extended family members die of starvation.

Going back to the scene of the battle, the Champs destroyed each other in a very gruesome manner. Millions of them died and at the end of the fight, just a handful were left. Some planets didn't even have occupants while others had just a few.
So, in the end, there was no need to annex others' planets because there were not so many people left to occupy them after the fight.

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