Corruption ripped Africa of a star.

21 Dec 2022

Kylian Mbappe's father in 2018:
"At first he wanted his son to play for Cameroon, but someone from the Cameroon Football Federation demanded an amount that he didn't need to let him play. The French didn't demand anything. did."

Do you see the horrific impact corruption has on Africa? Imagine all the stars would have been if African nations hadn't asked them to bring money before picking their players... I'm ashamed!

Never blame an African player for playing in a European country. Embolo was asked to bribe but he had no money so he went to Switzerland and scored against Cameroon and the Africans cursed him! For his refusal to pay a bribe!

I can proudly say that if Ronaldo and Messi were in Nigeria they would be in business.

We have lost many celebrities in Africa to corruption. Trust me until we stop football corruption.

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