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4 Feb 2023

MORNING WALK : My morning walk this is amazing easy going on I will explain you first the walk this is noun refer to the acct of moving on foot usually for lesisure or exercise ,it can also be used as a verb to decribe the act of moving on foot from one place to another example let go for a walk in the park .i like to go in the park in the morning am daily go for the walk and this is my best part keep try you also . walking has many benefits for physical and mental also. improve cardiovascular health helps maintain a healthy weight increase muscle strength and flexibility reduce stress and anxiety improve mood an cognitive function reduces the risk of chronic disease such as heart disease ,type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer mental benefit their is some mental benefit reduce stress and helps maintain a healthy weight increase muscle strength and flexibility in addition mental and physical benefit other benfit of the walk is walking is the several other benefit as well booosts energy levels regular walking can increase and energy levels supports healthy sleep and reduce fatigue support healthy sleep walking can help regulate sleep patterns leading to better annd more reatful sleep .. promtoes bone health walking is a weight bearing exercise that can hep maintain strong bones ad reduce the risk of osteoporosis improve immune system helping the body fight off illness and disease enhance digestion walking after a meal can help aid digestion and prevent digestive problem strengthens balance and coordination and walking can improve balance and corrdination reducing the risk of falls and injury overall walking is is simple and effective way to maintain goodhealth and wellness ,its can be easily incorported into a daily routine and doesnot require any special eauipment or training taking morning walk boost your stamina flexibilty and energy .as our fitness improves you will be able to move through your daily acitivities more easily improve your mood . their is 13 bene fit of the morning walking regularly reduces the risk of diabetes it helps you sleep better it increase lung capacity walking improves brain function morning walk can help deal with depression walking reduces heart risk a regular walking schedule keeps your arteries clear walkig eases muscle and joint pan reduces the risk of cancer walking makes your skin healthier keeps laziness at bay lower the risk of miscarriages improve digestion benefits of morning walk for weight loss interval walking requires you to follow a few steps like that first warm up and the first 2 to 3 min wal normally and slow down to a brisk pace for the next 1 2 minutes keep alternating between the two am explain my way of walking and their benefit and this is very amazing am try to walk daily try to walk daily basis am very excited for morning walk am try to thisi eaasay in the easy way to get the explainning this is quite amazing

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