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The son of Peter I, Tsarevich Alexei, from his first wife hated by the Tsar, also did not please his father. He was an adherent of antiquity, he wanted to return pre-Petrine Russia. Peter understood this very well and was very upset. In 1718, Alexei fled the country to Austria, but Russian diplomats returned the prince to Russia, saying that the father had forgiven his son and was not angry at the escape. But this was not so, the tsar did not forgive his son, Alexei was placed in the Peter and Paul Fortress. He was terribly tortured, tried and sentenced to death for treason. Alexei died before execution, either due to inhuman torture, or due to apoplexy, the latter became the official version of the death of the prince. After that, the name Alexei was considered cursed in the house of the Romanovs and that whoever was so named would die. Only twice were family members named that way. Grand Duke Alexei is the son of Alexander II, but he lived a good life and died of natural causes. The second Alexei is the Tsarevich and the son of Nicholas II. Here the curse worked and the boy was executed after the revolution in 191
⚜️Princesses of Hesse.
The most numerous European dynasty, the princesses of which were married to Romanov men, was the house of Hesse-Darmstadt. But all the husbands of the German princesses died.
Natalya Alekseevna - the first wife of Paul I was the princess of Hesse-Darmstadt. She died after several years of marriage during childbirth. Paul I was killed by conspirators in 1801.
Maria Alexandrovna - wife of Alexander II. She, too, was from the House of Hesse. Having lived a happy life with her husband, Maria died in 1880, and her husband was killed by terrorists a year later.
Elizaveta Feodorovna - Grand Duchess, wife of Prince Sergei Alexandrovich. Marriage for love, the endless happiness of married life, they lacked only children, so they raised nephews. But in 1905, Sergei Alexandrovich was killed by a revolutionary who threw a bomb.
Alexandra Feodorovna - wife of Nicholas II. The curse of the Hessian princesses did not bypass the last empress, also a princess of Darmstadt. She and her wife were shot together with their children after the 1918 revolution.8.

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