Some of the marriage advices you get onsocial media will ruin your home.

2 Feb 2023

Some of the marriage advices you get on
social media will ruin your home. Emphasis on RUIN.
Of course, marriage has it principles which is static, but this plenty don't do or do that for your spouse or home will take you on a journey to damnation.
So, a woman comes here and tells you how her entrepreneurial husband comes back home by 5pm every Wednesday to cook dinner for the family and you now awwwnnn and want to "implement" in your home where your banker husband who literally hates the job, but would
rather do it than have the family starve and comes back by 7pm daily. While yourself is a full blown house wife. My sister, are you okay?
The devil will now be whispering to you one day at a time and you'll keep making an issue out of it till the man gets
tired of your nags and unappreciative self and probably begins to cave and you begin to keep malice. One day, you
nag some more and out of annoyance, he says one or two things he didn't mean. The malice grows, the nags follows, love is lost and family routine continues.
Months later, you realize how much you both have drifted apart because you wanted to implement something which
is not feasible from Mrs A marriage in your already beautiful home. Tomorrow now, you won't know that you're
the tool that destroyed the beautiful home you have and even if you know, pride will not allow you accept it.
This applies to all aspects of our lives. Sieve the things you hear, process and implement. Have a unique model for your home. A trying spouse is a good spouse honestly
because they can choose not to try. One man gifts just wife a brand new car and they other helps his wife do all her
business delivery, both are good men functioning in their capacity. Stop looking elsewhere, stop the comparison.
Stick to your partner and build that dream life.

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