Theories of knowledge

15 Sept 2022

Various interpretations exist on the concept of knowledge.Sociologically,the probe into the logic of knowledge began with the history of sociology.Thos was introduced by August Comte when he began to identify the law of three stages of thought processes that is the theological,the metaphysical and the positive or scorn stage.Theologically,Comte argued that human mind sees and analyses events or phenomena on the basis of the supernatural interpretation.Human mind seeks the origin and causes of events in social life.He further believed that the supernatural forces,which may be regarded as supreme Being,dictate activities of man.Comte argued that three different sub stages could be discovered to exist in the theological interpretation of social realities that is the period of separate fetishism which is associated with the natural cause of social realities.This means that things are naturally defined and’s belief about the workings of his environments is that all things are taking natural dimensions,which is unconnected with human manipulations.
the second stage is regarded as polytheism. Here,social realities and events are functional to the existence of several gods and spirits.This means that there is an explosion of varied thoughts and mechanisms of understanding phenomena.These are different processes,which are closely associated with the perception of gods and spirits 

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In the midst of all these, Knowledge is power. If you lack knowledge, you are more or less crippled
Hence nobody mumu, they're just knowledgeable weirdly 😂