Anus bandh

14 May 2023

Aai went into the gallery, looked at the road once more and entered. She has been doing this for the last hour and a half. Because she is waiting for the puja. Pooja was supposed to come home by 3 today after taking half a day off and now even though it was 6 o'clock there was no phone or she had not come herself. So it was natural for the mother to feel worried. She also had a grandmother. At such times, the grandmother gets very excited and keeps talking like that. But luckily she was a bit calmer today. When I called Pooja's bank, she was out. So she should have reached home by now. She was going to take her grandmother to the dentist today. Due to the hardship from there, he had to go to Siddhivinayak's temple. All this was decided when Pooja was going to office in the morning and Pooja had no address.

A suspicion came to my mind that maybe she had gone to mutual Jadhav's house. Because I knew that Advocate Jadhav was not well. But it was not possible to speak openly in such a tight situation. Anubandh Otherwise our house would have become Kurukshetra. Because even the word 'Jadhav' was enough to set our house a flame. If this mother-in-law came to know that Pooja had gone to meet her at her house, she would not have seen it. So I was silently waiting for Pooja's call without saying anything. Just then the phone rang. And as expected the phone belonged to Pooja. Hearing my voice, she quickly said, "Okay lady, you picked up the phone. Look, I am talking from Jadhav's house. Babasaheb is serious, but don't say anything to mother. Say I went to a friend. I will tell you everything when I get home." Saying this, she hung up the phone. Keeping the receiver of the phone, I said, "Mom, it was Pooja's phone. She has gone out with her friend for some urgent work. So she will have time to come. So don't worry." "What kind of urgent work? If you want to give me a phone call, even if you ask! And which girlfriend? Is there any Navgaon or not?" "Have your inquiries started? I don't like yo Should you keep an eye on traffic? I don't think it's right to ask a responsible girl who is an officer in a good foreign bank where you went." "You see, Anusaya, how is your Aparna talking in a whisper? What the hell, Faren is an officer in Benket, so what does Abhal have to do? Well, it is because of her own wisdom that she has had to take such a big blow in life!" "Grandma, this is not right with you! At other times, whatever happens, you say, it was meant to be. And in Pooja's case, you always say that she had to divorce because of her mistake. Why because she did a love marriage! But this yoga was in her destiny. So even if you had arranged her marriage, this would have happened. Why don't you think so? That will change your attitude towards her!" "Now we learn from you what to say, how to say. Because you are the educated girls of today! Those who work in good faith, how can mistakes be made at your hands? And even if it happens, don't we have the right to show it?" I didn't mean anything like that. I just don't want to rub salt on Pooja's grief. Does she feel confident in you that you are firmly behind her? Oh, she is afraid to tell you even simple things." "Aparna, will you be quiet now? Picked up the tongue and clapped! You don't want to see who is in front of the big or small! What is the age of the grandmother and what is your age! "Therefore, it is good that according to age, grandmother should speak with a little understanding. You are blaming Puja when you see it. What crime has she committed? She just married the boy she liked, didn't she? Now he didn't behave properly, so what did she do wrong that she had to divorce him? And even if it's wrong, what does she get by injecting it?" This behavior of both of them was bothering me ever since I talked to them. Four or five years have passed even after Pooja got divorced. However, whenever this topic comes up, both of them break down on Pooja. Where is the world going! However, both of them are not ready to change.

Only their thoughts The direction is traditional! Although there are differences between the two in many other matters, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law agree on this matter! Now when Pooja comes home, both of their inquiries will be very difficult. So then the puja will start in secret. To hide one thing another false reason was given. Third again to hide it! Like Maruti's tail, the false pretexts keep on increasing, but the inquiries do not end. The main fault should be our mother. She was never able to trust her daughters. And she never tried, in fact she never realized that we are failing to understand our daughters. So we could not treat mother with open heart and mother could not be our friend. On the contrary, the ideological gap between her and us continued to grow. But even the mother cannot be blamed for that. Because Dad suddenly died of a heart attack, all the responsibility of the house fell on her. The grief of the loss of the husband, the partial education of the girls and the fact that she does not even know when to go to the bank and withdraw money. So at that time it was enough Bhamba had gone.

Part 2

As luck would have it, her father's office gave her a job and her grandmother supported her by staying at home. But our grandmother is also old fashioned! Already our mother was upset because she did not have a son. She got tired because her own son suddenly left again. Therefore, she did not want the responsibility of the relationship. She brought us up under strict discipline. She always kept a watchful eye on us. Pooja used to tolerate all this with understanding, but I was completely against her! If I didn't like something, I would simply refuse to do it. Pooja is only two-and-a-half years older than me but our natures are so different! She speaks very thoughtfully and cautiously! So I'm a quick answerer!

Therefore, whether in the house or outside, I am so unpleasant! Again I am against getting married! Therefore, the grandmother's claim against me! When we used to argue, Nirvani's last words would be, "If you don't get married, my soul will not have any peace or the crow will not sew on the baby." Remember this!" Even mother does not want to speak so clearly but she too used to keep on blurting. She said, "What will people say if such a big girl is kept in the house without marriage?" "What are you going to say? Both of you think highly of people. Do we live for people? But I want to live for myself, I will marry when I feel like it. Even now, I don't want to get married." "Bhangar? Look Aparna, the society we live in has certain values and we have to follow them." "Mother, we have read all those values in civics! But nowhere did it say, think first what people will think and then make a decision." "If you have to go and say something, the person who says it is a fool." "But what I say is false? Pooja did a love marriage. So what will people say? What will people think if she gets divorced? And people will name names because I'm not getting married! Guys are only there to name names. Does it solve your problems? So what's the point of scaring people!" "O Aparna, where are you drowsy? When is your mother calling! Look, tell me, there is no problem in Pooja's office right?" "Grandma, she told her friend that there is some problem. She has no problem. Now don't ask me again anything about pooja. I am terribly hungry. I will eat first. And I think you too should not wait for puja." "Say don't stop! Today Sankashti, worship. Grandma made Ukdi Modak because she likes it." "What use? Aji will continue to insistently grow modak in the plate and start cannonballing his mouth from above. Will they even get down the throat of Modak Pooja? If you let her eat in peace, no?" Grandma was sitting behind me pulling the rosary. But I could clearly see her 'eat or swallow' look. Even though I ate straight away and went to the bedroom to read, I could clearly hear them both talking. Grandma used to say, "What is changing? What more? Have to see who will go! Being a mother of girls is the sin of seven births, lady! And let's not even talk about the girls who are so pampered on the head!" "Hey, what kind of pampering? He did not even get the love of a simple father. And I don't even get time to talk to him. Then what will Lad do?" "But does this behavior of the girl feel right? You strive so much so that Pooja gets the happiness of the world. But is the girl aware of it? The symptoms of these girls do not seem right to me. This is what happens when a man has no guardian over the house." "It's just luck that even after giving the idea of Pooja's first marriage to Raikar, he likes her. Now let's see!" Before she could finish her next words, the phone rang, so she picked it up. It must have been Pooja who spoke from there, because the mother shouted, "Aparna, come out first!" I could imagine the noise coming from my mother's voice and I was sure that this event would happen at some point. But even today he has to face the defeat Didn't think so.

I closed the book and went out quietly. Mother was pacing the hall restlessly. And the grandmother was asking her, "Oh Anasuye, tell me what happened. Didn't the boy have an accident or something?" Seeing me, mother said, "Ask this wise man what happened! Pooja is sitting at Jadhav's house and said to me, Aparna will tell you everything! We are the enemy of some! To hide everything from us? I have been watching so much from me! But she didn't give a damn!" "Mom, don't get me wrong. I would have told you where the pooja goes, but I didn't say anything because you would have taken the madman's interpretation of it and troubled yourself." "But you tell me what to make of the fact that Pooja goes to Jadhav's house. You are a lecturer of psychology! Only you can make a better sense, lady!" Mother said with excitement. As soon as she heard Jadhav's name, grandmother shouted, "What? Jadhav's house? What does this have to do with that house? The man who tortured her, ruining her life How did she step into their house? Did you forget the heartache during the divorce? What to say to this girl?" "Look mother, after hearing that Pooja has just gone to Jadhav's house, this grandmother's anger! Puja is aware of your reaction, that's why she didn't give any address. Think about her feelings at least!" "Ah, we unwed wives! Our thoughts too! You are smart, wise! Let us know what you think!" Look, I am younger than Pooja.

Part 3

What will I teach her? Pooja is big enough to make her own decisions, she is sensible. I don't think she did anything wrong in thinking that she should meet Parag's father, who is now counting the last element." "Oh, tomorrow that Parag said to Puja, the drunkard son of the Jadhavs, now we will be together again. But you won't find anything wrong with that." "Such an event will not happen at all. But once she understands, she should do what Puja thinks is right." "Enough of your wisdom! What Pooja has suffered by falling in love with that drunkard Isn't that enough? If she is jumping into the same fire again, let her take it?" "I have already told you that nothing will happen! Pooja has only gone to meet Advocate Jadhav. Because they supported her when she needed it, treated her with love. After knowing the merits of his son, it was he who advised her to get a divorce and got it for her." "So this is repaying the favor by meeting them or what? And not to think about what those Riker men would think if they found out?" "Ah, but you teach us the values of society! Does humanity have value in it? Even if that Sakhubai works in your house for only six months, you feel love for her! The next day she met him on the street but did not speak to him, how sad his mother felt. Then Pooja should not feel anything about the house, those people in which she spent two-three years?" "Want no! She should think of everyone. Except only the mother! Don't just think of a mother who has been sarcastic since birth. Why should she care? Because no matter what you do, I will fulfill my duty as a mother!" Mother said He said with tears in his eyes. So there was no point in expanding the topic now. However, at the end I said to my mother, "Please mother, even today Pooja came home, don't take her on a pill. She herself will tell you everything that happened. But give her some time to recover herself." "Aparna, we feel the same way you guys are worried about her. Don't you see that we are also struggling to make her happy?" But our approach to make her happy is different. You don't understand her first, so how can you know what her happiness is? Because mother said it was also right. I was also convinced. But I could not see Pooja's heartache. At some point, pollen came into her life and her life took a different turn. Mother as a foreigner's son--Grandmother initially resisted but finally got ready somehow. In fact, Parag is a promising boy but finds himself in the company of bad friends and self Dusted off life. His father is a renowned lawyer but he could not do anything for the boy. Pooja had married Parag by her own will so she tried to endure a lot. But in the end only Parag's father will see her plight. Parag left the job. He used to be drunk all day. Doubt whatever you think about Puja. She used to go to the office and say whatever she wanted. He used to insult her constantly. In the end, he even began to kill her. But Pooja didn't say a single word to us. Parag's father finally told us all this and advised Pooja to get a divorce. After the divorce, Pooja wanted to be independent. She was also getting a good flat in Officers Colony in their bank. In fact, it was only then that Pooja should have made up her mind and remained independent. But then she was not agreeable to both of them to stay alone. And it was not possible for Puja to keep hurting both of them. Puja's stay here is like staying in a boarding school. Mother and grandmother were now more sensitive towards her. So taking care of her not so much Both of them did not realize that he was keeping a watch over her in a way. Pooja used to come home on time after leaving office. If she wanted to go anywhere, she would be told to go. Not only that, even when going for a bank audit, a thousand restrictions were imposed on her to judge any one of us. Again, even if she ever showed a little displeasure, both of them would immediately get angry. 'Once we have run away, that's enough! We don't have the strength to bear it anymore!' Pooja used to be shocked to hear this palupada. When both of them started planning to marry her again, I tried to explain to both of them, "Let Pooja get out of this shock first. Although she seems to be facing this incident with courage, a person gets tired at such a time. It will take some time for her to fully recover from it." "On the contrary, I think that once she is absorbed in another world, she will automatically forget this sorrow. Why should she keep bringing up old bitter memories! What is lacking in her that she should remain unmarried?" What will you say about this idea of grandmother? Our and her outlook on life as a whole is so different that it is impossible to bridge it! Finally, she calmed down only when Pooja got married to Raikar's Rohit. Engineer boy! Working in America! Currently here. His father is also a renowned lawyer. mother doctor Everyone has a separate car at home. Both mother and grandmother were very happy. Both of them thought that they were going to get married once. And now both were shocked to hear that Pooja is going to Jadhav again. It was eleven o'clock again and she was still nowhere to be found, and both were puzzled as to what would happen if the Rikers found out about it. Because of this, Pooja's arranged marriage will also be broken. Because both of them thought that any boy would tolerate this chala like that of a girl. But they could not do anything but discuss with each other. Now, if this marriage fails, then there is no point in worshiping. How much time has passed in the drowsiness of thought! I woke up to the sound of the doorbell. Looking at the clock, it was twelve o'clock. Quickly got up and opened the door. Pooja enters nervously. I closed the rate and mother first Peeked into the bedroom. Probably both of them had just taken a nap. Otherwise both of them would have come out and taken over the house by now.

Part 4

Pooja looked very tired. I just said, "Babasaheb is gone! So I can't come. After taking them, we left. Now first I take a bath. Otherwise, grandma's sola will deteriorate." "Yes ma'am, both of them are angry today. I will tell you everything tomorrow. I will heat the food for you first." "No, no! I don't want to eat at all. I'll just have a cup of hot coffee." When Pooja came from bath, I gave her coffee. After keeping the rest of the food in the fridge, Pooja was sleeping till I came to the bedroom. I was surprised that it was my mother! I thought she would wake up and definitely inquire. But she didn't come out. Neither of them asked her a single word since waking up the next day. That calm before the storm was haunting me. Because I was sure that Pooja was not at all forgiving in this regard. For one thing, Pooja had kept them in the dark and yesterday it wreaked havoc. His for so long at night It was impossible for them to like staying at home. So even if Pooja gave any reason, they would not agree. In fact, she didn't want to go to office today. But it was impossible to live in such conditions at home. So reluctantly she went to the office. Pooja went to the office and within half an hour Rohit's car stopped in front of our building. Grandma saw his car first and said, "Done! Most of them have come to say that they don't want to get married! His father is also an advocate!

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