Wounding words

29 Nov 2022

Day in and day out, living in fear,
I just want to scream, "Leave me alone!"
Why are you being so cruel when you refer to me as a fool and a stupid person?

Because I am always chosen last, my stomach hurts and my heart is racing.
I used to grin, but now it's gone because I've never had someone.

I've shed tears, but I can't take them back; I'm ripped and broken, bleeding inside.
I simply cannot endure this for another day because the wounds won't mend and the scars won't fade.

When I shout that things aren't as they seem, no one can hear me.
A smile could mask a very deep fear, and something that seems far away might actually be quite close.

I'm writing this poetry while sitting alone in the rain and sobbing in agony.
They claim that words don't hurt, but I am aware that they do; I ask you, stop bullying me.

After suffering for five long years, the bullying has finally stopped.
I didn't really feel bad till that point.
My fears of my classmates grew as a result of the memories haunting me and the words echoing in my ears.

I became completely overcome by the pain as I sank deeper and deeper into hopelessness.
I was at my breaking point and had no idea how to handle it.
I had given all hope and didn't want to live.

I want to say this to parents and teachers: It's too late to save me.
but please save other kids.

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There are some words that can be said to you and it'll hurt you so much. There's gravity sometimes in what we say
Words could damage someone as much as a physical fight or something of that nature