Movie Review: Wheelman

18 Oct 2022

Starring Frank Grillo, Netflix original Wheelman is a thrilling on your seat adventure that takes an interesting turn on the film industry. 

The context of the film places an ex-con getaway driver in an unfortunate double cross on a mission to find his betrayer. Trying to protect his family, he i’ll do anything to keep them safe.

Taking a turn on action movies Jeremy Rush has created a stand out film keeping me on the edge of my seat, wanting more the whole time. The filming of this movie is done so that creates a surreal feeling of being in the action. I felt like a backseat driver, like i was the car. The wit, and the sheer willpower of Frank Grillo’s character made me so immersed in the film. 

The Overall score of this film would have to be one of the best i’ve seen this year, the noticing nature of the film along with the engaging story line has made me rank this film 8.5/10. 

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