The Man with the Plan

14 Feb 2023

There once was a man with a plan, To build a flying machine, oh so grand.
He worked day and night, With all of his might, To make it fly, on the wings of command.
This man, he was a bit of a klutz, And often he'd fall with a thud and a "just!"
But he'd just shake it off, And give a big scoff, And say "I'll fly high, if it's just!"

So one day, he climbed into his contraption, And turned the key with a flick of conviction.
And with a great roar, It took off from the floor, And flew higher and higher, with no contradiction.
But as he flew, he started to sway, And the machine began to disobey.
It spun round and round, With a terrible sound, And the man went flying, in a disarray.

But he landed with a soft "plop," On a pile of hay, with a gentle flop.
He dusted himself off, With a grin and a scoff, And said "I'll fly higher, just watch me, I'll top!"

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