Hey Soph

31 May 2023

In the realm where hearts intertwine,
Where love is a symphony divine,
Let me weave a verse so sublime,
A poem about love, yours and mine.

Love, a dance of souls in grace,
A tender touch, a warm embrace,
It ignites a fire, a sacred space,
A journey where two hearts embrace.

Love is a tapestry, woven with care,
Threads of passion, a love affair,
In its tapestry, colors rare,
Blending hearts, a masterpiece we share.

Love is a gentle whisper at dawn,
A melody that lingers on and on,
It heals the wounds that time has drawn,
A lifeline when hope seems gone.

Love, an ocean, deep and wide,
Its waves, emotions that cannot hide,
A sanctuary where hearts can confide,
In love's embrace, we find our stride.

Love is a beacon in the darkest night,
A guiding star, a radiant light,
It conquers fear, it fuels our might,
Love, a force that makes all things right.

Love, a language spoken with no words,
An invisible bond, like soaring birds, It sings, it soars, it mends and mends, A love that transcends, eternally extends. So let our love be the sweetest rhyme, A melody that transcends all time, In this poem, a love so divine, Yours and mine, forever entwined.

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