Ev.io - Browser FPS That Pays Solana

9 Oct 2023

I’m pretty optimistic about the future of gaming and Blockchain tech. Imagine actually owning all your in-game stuff — that’s got to excite any gamer, right? Picture this, you’ve got the power to sell, buy, and trade your game assets whenever you want, and use that money for pretty much anything. It’s like turning every game into its own little digital financial world. It’s not really a matter of “if” this will happen, but more like “when”. I’m curious to see which games or consoles will catch on to this trend.

An internal Microsoft presentation slide from May 2022 viewed by Decrypt shows that the next-gen Xbox console and surrounding ecosystem would offer users a range of different ways to spend money, including in-game economies and a “crypto wallet” feature. Axios first reported the crypto wallet component. — Source

I have come across a game I think everyone will get a kick out of (at least my FPS fans). This game is the first of its kind and I think is going to change the way we look at play-to-earn and browser gaming. So without further ado let's get into Ev.io!

What is Ev.io?

Ev.io in my opinion is groundbreaking. It is one of the first browser-based NFT FPS (first-person shooter) games that allows you to own your actual in-game assets and earn from playing. Ev.io uses the Solana Blockchain so every transaction is fast and the fees for transactions are pretty much nothing.

Ev.io is a first-person shooter developed by Addicting Games. It takes inspiration from “Bungee-style” shooters, like Halo or Destiny. Experience the Halo of web3: PvP, PvE, 10+ maps, 20+ weapons, 5 game modes, private games, parties and earn Solana for every kill.
Ev.io is Free-to-play, with an NFT you can Play-and-earn.
Every minute a player spends in the game is worth something in the form of advertising opportunities. Sponsors, who benefit from these advertising opportunities put up money in a pot for players to earn, players with NFTs earn from this pot. — Source

From what I have noticed, Ev.io allows you to earn as a free player. The above information is either outdated or they are not counting the free amount because it is so small. You will not earn very much and it will take you a while to get to the withdrawal amount, but I believe the future is bright when it comes to this game. You can buy NFTs that will multiply what you earn and make you a little stronger than the average player (if you get a weapon NFT). This allows you to earn multiple times what the free player earns and also get a cool-looking avatar instead of the original. We will go over the NFT aspect of this game later in this article.
Above is what the website looks like. It has an easy-to-use homepage. The only downside I have come across is finding ways to buy NFTs through the actual website. I had to do a little digging. It took a little while but I found the NFT marketplace that actually connects you to everything Ev.io. We will be going over wallets and NFTs later in this article.

The Who and The When

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Ev.io was created in January 2021 by Addicting Games. The owner and creator of Addicting Games is Bill Karamouzis. Addicting Games is a database of browser games. I checked out Addicting Games and it is pretty awesome. Play games for free which play from your browser. You can't beat that.

Addicting Games was founded by Bill Karamouzis (Bachelor of Technology ’21) and Rhys Jones (Computer Systems Technology ‘00). Addicting Games is the #1 games search result on Google for 20 years! — Source

Ev.io takes inspiration from “Bungee-style” shooters, like Halo or Destiny. From what I have been reading Addicting Games and its owners believe web-based gaming is the future and is going to play a large part in our digital future. Add that idea joined with Blockchain technology and you have something world-changing on your hands.
Ev.io has been growing in popularity and I believe is going to only keep growing. The reason behind this is it is accessible to anyone who owns a computer. Not just gaming computers either. You can play Ev.io on pretty much any computer. I have played it multiple times on an old Chromebook I own and it works great. Browser gaming mixed with blockchain technology is going to revolutionize the way we look at video games. All the way from the game to each individual thing you own in the game.


The game runs pretty well on any computer I have tried it on as I was explaining above. Even my slow old Chromebook is capable of playing this game. It glitches occasionally but it is mostly running smoothly just with lower graphics. It seems the game changes your graphics settings depending on what computer you play from, which makes it easy to just hop on and play no matter where you are or what you are playing on.
There are multiple different types of gameplay from Deathmatch, Sniper Shotgun, Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale, and Survival.
At the moment there are only two types of gameplay that you can earn from, Deathmatch and Survival. I am hoping they add more in the future. I would love to see Battle Royale add earning capabilities but only time will tell.

Wallets and NFTs

When first getting started with Ev.io you will be asked to sign into your wallet. You can either use a wallet extension if you have one (Phantom or Coinbase) or you can play this game straight from your Brave browser and use Brave’s built-in wallet. That is probably going to be your best bet. Especially if you are fairly new to playing Blockchain games. Brave browser allows you to connect to Web3 games and apps with ease. Another great reason to use Brave is that you earn your brave rewards while also earning from Ev.io. There are other choices as well such as Phantom Wallet, Fractal Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. I suggest creating a different wallet for savings, playing/NFTs, and social platforms. This way if any of your wallets get compromised you will not lose everything you have been working hard at saving.
Now I want to go over buying and selling NFTs. I thought this was the most difficult thing to find. If the average person came across this website and decided to start playing they would have trouble trying to find where the NFT marketplace was located. On the Ev.io website, you will see a button that says Crypto. Hover over this button and you will see a button down the list that says Marketplace.
This will bring you to the skin NFT section on the website. This does not allow you to buy any of the other NFTs such as weapons, swords, and more. It is a quick and easy way to get a character NFT so you can truly start earning.
This was the one thing that bothered me about the game. The home page could be put together a little better with more options for things you can do with the game and NFTs.

ev.io NFTs can be used to earn SOL. Each weapon and player skin has a power level. The higher you increase the power level, the more SOL you earn for every achievement in the game.
Participate in special events, daily quests, clan wars, grind and rank up in PVP to power up your NFTs. The NFTs with the highest power level become the most rare and valuable, but also earn the most SOL. — Source

This is where Magic Eden comes in though. Magic Eden is a marketplace for Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and BTC that allows you to buy sell, and trade NFTs for multiple different games and projects.
Ev.io - First Edition Weapons - Magic Eden
Ev.io is a play to earn blockchain FPS - equip a character skin, weapon and sword to start earning e (which converts to…magiceden.io
Magic Eden is easy to use and a sleek marketplace. Do not expect to get anything cheaper than 1.3 Solana though. Strong games with Strong NFTs that actually have utility, stay at a steady price and only grow as time goes on. Games like Ev.io are paving the road for the future of gaming and Blockchain.

Earning Potential

When you’re on the free-earning route, you’re looking at a range of 1 to 3 in-game currencies, cleverly named “e.” Now, if you decide to level up and get into the world of NFTs, it becomes a bit of a wild ride, depending on the NFT you buy. Personally, I went for the Character NFT called Sentinel. Post-upgrade, my game earnings shot up to a sweet spot of 3 to 35 “e” per game — a significant bump in the value department.
These gains accumulate over time, and the more you’re in the game and eliminate other players, the more you’re stacking up. However, let’s not forget, the NFT game is a bit like planting seeds. My Sentinel set me back $40, and while the returns are promising, it’s a marathon, not a sprint to recoup that investment.
Here’s the math
The withdrawal minimum is set at 10,000 “e.” If my daily grind pulls in a modest 15 “e,” I’m looking at over 600 days to hit that cash-out sweet spot. But, if I’m clocking in multiple games per day, pulling in a respectable 120 “e,” suddenly I’m slashing that time down to 83 days.
So, the name of the game here is commitment — whether it’s investing, playing, or a savvy combo of both. It’s a hustle, but hey, the rewards are there for the taking.
Some of this information may not be correct. I did my best to find all of the information needed. This is not financial advice.

Final Thoughts

Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay
Ev.io is revolutionizing our gaming experience by bringing a fresh twist to FPS (first-person shooter) games, seamlessly incorporating blockchain technology. Now, about crypto — it’s not just a passing trend. Significant changes are on the horizon for our financial world and digital interactions, and crypto is at the forefront of this revolution. In the gaming realm, it’s a game-changer because it brings transparency, ownership, and new possibilities to the table. So, buckle up because crypto isn’t just staying, it’s here to redefine how we play and experience the gaming universe.
Magic Eden Marketplace
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Gaming and social are our best chances to onboard significant amounts of users to the blockchain and crypto ecosystems. Fast and cheat transactions (e.g., Solana) plus a ground-breaking blockchain game Minecraft style and thousands of new users will be onboarded on a daily basis.
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There's a BONK skin inside the game that gives you BONK tokens when you use it. Don't know if that promo is still going as it was live a few months ago. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/solana-shooter-ev-io-giving-164300539.html
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