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13 Jul 2022

We might have heard about many protocals and tokes that are about move2earn , walk2earn, sleep2earn ,hike2earn ,play2earn ,stake2earn ,fight2earn and many others. Like this ,there are also projects which are social2earn.

What is Social-2-earn ??
Social-2-earn means that with intercation with social media ,you get fair amounts of rewards. The action could be Like ,retweet and follow on twitter accounts, Like ,follow ,message on instragram or many others.  There is fixed pool made for some specific posts or specific application and each action has fixed either pool or fixed rewards mentioned earlierly for fixed actions. Meaning ,that it could be like 250K for week , or fixed post with 0.5 per like ,1 per retweet and so on.

What is Teaparty ??
Well , you might have already guessed on it . It is social-2-earn platfroms and currently it supports on twitter only. Since , this is only in Beta version , it's still not viral and very few people or hunters only know about it. In this project , joining in nowdays will still be in early phases.

How to join Teaparty ??
On any browser simply switch to this link https://app.teaparty.life/ . Note , you must have Web3 wallet , metamask and social account Twitter. Then , just connect your metamask in Polygon Mainnet. For adding polygon Network head over to https://chainlist.org/ and search Polygon and connect to metamask.
Once your wallet is connected and click on noted tag or button, now you should be able to see settings menu : 

After clicking in settings menu , then , you will see  : 
1 ) Instead of first blur on my picture , you will see your connected wallet address .
2) In below twitter account , you will see Connect twitter option , then authorise it and you will see your own linked account in my second blur options.

Ok , after successfully adding wallet and twitter account ,what's next . 

What are spaces in Teaparty ??
Spaces in Teaparty simply means it shows us different category of Topics like Web3, Airdrops, metaverse, entertainment, meme or we can it's tag line which represents category of posts.
Party space direct link : https://app.teaparty.life/explore

Currently ,in Teaparty you can join upto 8 party spaces per account. But it doesn't mean that if you aren't join to some party ,you can't interact with posts of other party. you can complete access to other party's post as well.

How to earn with Teaparty ??
Well till now, we already managed everythings now let's talk on real things or major things about this blogs. How to earn with social interaction. Head over to homepage and You will see lot's of posts. The post maybe already interacted , pool already emptied , non-rewards pools .So to avoid confusion , there is specail features to filter . So , simply apply blue on each options. Click on noted button and do like as I have done. 

After applying these filters , you will some posts like :  The first pool has rewards of 22.22 TEA left only and others are almost drained. In first post you clearly might see Retweet and Like options. Let's check rewards for this too. On hovering over it , it' showing 0.5 TEA per like and 0.5 TEA per retweet . After solving captcha ,you will see your rewards in My claim list. You can claim with small amounts of Matic .

What is value of TEA coin ??
Currently , you can sell and buy this coin only from it's own marketplace at fixed rate of 1$ . Meaning on first posts, doing like and retweet using this platfroms , you could have earn 1$.
For buying option , head over to Marketplace ,approve USDC allowance abd buy , For sell, at marketplace , approve TEA allowance and sell it.

But , selling and buying here takes some time. you places order and someone else places anoter order of buy or sell , on each fulfilling trade , a trade will begin . It may takes upto 24 hour or more to sell your coin and get USDC in your wallet . Remeber ,it's has fixed value so, selling or buyer will be based on FCFS.

Although ,idea of earning throug this platfroms seems goods , there are still some limitations . 

1) It's still in Beta phase. So, it's not viral and rarely 15-50 posts per week . If not all rewards drained , you can still earn 15-50 TEA per weeks.
2) Buying and selling takes too long time and you can at every 24 hour can place only one order that mustn't exceeds 100 TEA for selling.
3)On claim section , if you didn't claim your rewards because of some problems , after some days you will lost your rewards. Nearly 3-5 days ,so no worry still good.

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