Between us Lord

15 Mar 2023

To be honest with you, Lord I want to convey that it's not always simple to do things your way.
I know what you mean when you say there is no better instrument for making a good life than the Golden Rule.

But what if you were brought up to belittle others?
Do we really want to think of ourselves as being brothers and sisters?
It's challenging to avoid resenting the next-door neighbor who puts in such little effort but has so much more.

Tragedies occur on a massive scale all throughout the world.
That causes a lot of sadness, that much is undeniable.
I sit here moaning when I know it is true That all of those issues were not created by you.

Well, it only seems to me, if I remember it properly, You did give instructions that may cast loads of light\sOn the way life could be if Your rules were obeyed.
What a great world it could be if all prayed.

I appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about this.
I'll make an effort to remember what I need to do.
Since that You granted me free choice, it is obvious that, only between You and me, I will frequently require Your assistance.

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