Build and fight for your dreams, the roads do not make themselves

3 Jun 2023

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We all have dreams, those aspirations that excite us and give meaning to our lives. However, dreaming is not enough, we must act to make them come true. Roads do not make themselves, they are built with effort, dedication and perseverance.

To make our dreams come true, it is necessary to know what we want to achieve. It is not about following what others expect of us or what circumstances impose on us, but about finding what fulfills us and makes us happy. Your passion is what moves you, what gives you energy and makes you vibrate. Search within yourself what you are passionate about and make it your goal.

Once you are clear about your dream, you must design a plan to achieve it. An action plan starts with the establishment of a personal goal and the commitment of wanting to achieve it. It is the roadmap that will help you get from where you are to where you want to be. It is the tool that will allow you to fight for your dreams step by step, with determination and perseverance.

A good action plan must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed. That is, you must define what you want to achieve, how you are going to measure your progress, if it is realistic and possible, if it is aligned with your values and purpose, and when you are going to achieve it. In addition, you should divide your goal into small objectives or challenges that will help you move forward and keep you motivated.

The next step is to take action. It's no use having a dream and a plan if you don't execute them. To do this, you must focus and act step by step. That is, to achieve a goal you should try to make it more accessible, dividing it into small challenges that you can work on. This way you can see your progress and celebrate your achievements.

Getting down to work also means being flexible and adaptable to possible unforeseen events or difficulties that may arise along the way. Don't get discouraged or give up in the face of obstacles, but learn from them and look for creative solutions. Remember that success implies disappointments and frustrations, but this should not make you discard trying.

The last key to fighting for your dreams is to have faith and hope. Faith is confidence in oneself and one's abilities. Hope is the positive expectation that you can achieve what you want. Both attitudes are fundamental to maintain the spirit and the illusion in the process.

To have faith and hope you can rely on like-minded people who share the same interests as you. This will not only help you not to feel alone in the face of these challenges, but will motivate you when you need additional support. You can also draw inspiration from stories of people who have achieved their dreams despite adversity or motivational quotes that remind you of your purpose.

Find your true passion, make a strategic plan, get down to work and have faith and hope. This will motivate, inspire and empower you to fight for your dreams.

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"You will ask yourself: And if I take a risk and lose...? I will ask you: AND IF YOU RISK AND WIN? Success begins with thought, because sooner or later the man who wins is the one who believes he can do it. Do not be afraid of mistakes or failure, winners are not afraid of losing, losers are, in most cases the risk comes from not knowing what you are doing, so trust yourself, learn, be patient, manage your emotions and above all, enjoy the journey, what the wise man does at the beginning, the fool does at the end" - Anonymous.

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