The Ocean tides

4 Feb 2023

Oh ocean, vast and deep

A never-ending, rolling sea

Your waves crash against the shore

A constant, rhythmic melody

Your waters are a deep blue hue

A color that captures the heart

You are a mystery, yet so true

A treasure that sets us apart

You are home to creatures great and small

From whales to the tiniest fish

You provide a home for them all

A place where their lives can flourish

Your currents are strong and fierce

But also gentle and kind

You bring forth life, and a sense of peace

Leaving all your worries behind

Oh ocean, you are a force to be reckoned with

A power beyond measure or might

You bring us joy, and a sense of wonder

A beauty that fills us with delight

So here's to you, oh ocean of blue

A treasure that we hold dear

You are a part of us, and we of you

Forever, through all the years

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