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18 Oct 2022

I'm going to share with you what I went through and seen when I was your age.
First and foremost, we shall constantly remember that it is better for us to coexist with nature than to fight it. We are fed by nature, and nature also imparts numerous arts to us. Keep going outside and you will discover your fair share of creativity.
Let me now share my story with you. In a little village, I had my elementary education. My village was quite well-developed and picturesque. a rushing river and a dense forest. Green hills, blue mountains, pure pleasure! It is understandable that human creativity does not increase in such a setting. I had a buddy. We gave taking a photo a lot of thought, but what should we do? We were powerless. Paper was absent, not to mention pencils, paints, and brushes. a single text for study. For writing on the board, a pencil. Despite being broken, it needed to be handled carefully. There was no possibility of acquiring another. Additionally, the main issue or worry was that neither the master nor the household members were liked how it was drawn.

As soon as the heat of the month of Baisakh started to fade, all the village's kids would dive into the riverbed. He wanted to return and sit on the edge because the body was so covered in sleet. There were numerous rocks along the sides of the creek, which had been dispersed extensively and flattened by the flow. There, we found our "canvas." On this enormous rock, one may draw all they wanted, but how to get off? And he discovered a method. There is a reddish brown hue in our neighbourhoodYellow coloured stones can also be found in addition to this. Its flakes of bright yellow fall when it strikes the stone. It resembles flour. You can add as much water as you'd like to achieve the desired yellow tint. The pimple stone was wet before beginning to be painted. What ought to go and what shouldn't. My ability to draw lines on my knees used to astound me. The lines will be reddened with sand if you turn around after drawing a line with your hand forward. The next would be. It won't be seen if you kneel on a hot rock and lean on it. Then he began painting pictures on the slanted rock.It started to feel like colours should be added after a few days, but where will they come from? On the thorn, it blooms and turns crimson on certain days. Her flower's pollen disintegrates in water, giving it a purple hue. Saffron colour comes from the seeds in pods of a plant called shendari. There are some green leaves. Stone yellow, kunkwa red, and lime white. Hit the front of a young bamboo stick to make it brush. We used to paint picture after picture on the stone until we were no longer able to eat anything because we were so full. The rain would start after a few days.The river once flowed. Our image used to become lodged in the river's tummy.
I'll give an example from my own experience. We will be aware of how much the natural world provides. All I'm trying to convey is that you shouldn't be stuck because you lack the resources. If your wishes are strong, you can perform sadhana without any equipment.

Look at this: The rain decreased as Shravan wore on, yet the river continued to flow Traditionally, the month of Chaitra lit up our "canvas" and made the rock more visible. What are the options? That is where we heard the sound of soil. The buttery red dirt had a pleasant texture. It was decided to create idols, but this clay game also needed to be carried out in secrecy. Our business used to occasionally be conducted behind the cowshed or underneath the bakuli tree close to the village temple. The idols were kept dry so that they would eventually break and fall apart. Hermod used to be it. There had to be a fix.After giving it some thought, I concluded that cow poo is unchanged whether it's wet or dry. It won't break. We amended the soil with excrement. The idols now began to hold up a little better. But eventually, it would fracture and come off. Thinking once more
In our village, a market was held each week. Used to come Mhadu to sell clothing. entire mountain range. only trails. He previously utilised a horse to load his cargo. The Nanduki tree would drop its heavy shade. He used to attach the horse to the tree girl. We could see the horse's lead.Leed is equine excrement. There were numerous threads involved. We conducted the experiment in the belief that the soil would be held by the threads. Our idols were no longer breaking at all. I'm so ecstatic that words fail me. I studied a lesson by the scientist Archimedes in middle school. He searched even in seemingly straightforward things for the desired principle. He screamed "Eureka Eureka" as he dashed out of the restroom after finding it. When the idol stopped cracking, I understood that we were both joyful at the same time. Why not? It was a discovery, after all.

Children, all I can say is that each of you has an Archimedes hiding inside. Keep him up all night. Your sky will always be a happy place.

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