9 Aug 2022

I praise you because you are an artist and scientist in one 
The engineer and architect of our lives
I praise you because you’re the light in my darkness, my beacon of hope
You show that every pain can work always for my gain
I praise you because you sent your son to die for me and you gave me a new life what an act that cost a most precious price
I praise you 
I sinned and you forgave me 
I sin and you forgive me
I will sin and you will forgive me 
You speak all languages and none
Yet answering our most complex prayers with the simplicity of a flower
Never will you hate 
Never will you lie
Always will you love
I praise you because even when i fall short of your glory you never judge me
Your actions come from love and you are the definition of love
You are the God that directs the universe from the heavens 
The eternal source of existence 
You are Yeshua 
To you Adonai is my praise for always 
May my last breath be a whisper giving you all the glory
Psalm 86:12 says i will praise thee oh Lord my God with all my heart and i will glorify thy name forever more. 

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Religiously, I love this