My Crypto Journey

29 Jun 2022

It all started in December 2017..
I was invited to attend a crypto community meetup where I got to learn a lot about crypto. That was where I picked up interest in crypto and I started doing my researches.
The first crypto project I interacted with was Dent. I was amazed about the usecase and how I was able to make money from Dent. This was the genesis. 🙂
From this point I was motivated and my interest towards crypto grew so high. 
At this point, Bitcoin was at $20k and I was so amazed by how a unit of a coin could worth so much.
Tho the following year(2018) wasn’t a good one in crypto but with my little experience within the short period I got introduced into crypto, I was unbothered about the market performance.
Indeed it’s quite a long story how it has been over the years. Maybe “My Crypto Journey” should be in episodes so as not to bore you 😃
Stay tuned for guys! 

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1 Comment

There is always a starting point. There is always a beginning to everything. It is great that you started this journey mate. More great thing awaits.