Blockchain Coding Guide

1 Jul 2022

Blockchain is more secure and decentralised version of database. The things that are stored in blockchain are immutable and transparent so that each transaction (events) are stored in it and can't be changed later so they are used for tracking and realsing data properly in future and it's easier to keep data safely as it's not controlled by any centralised authority. 
Coding in Blockhain will be on-demanding jobs as web3 is rapidly increasing. Let's talk about how you can master blockchain. The steps are : 

  1. Have a knowledge of Front end of website using HTML5 and CSS3.
  2. Have a proper knowledge on JavaScript including ReactJS , nodeJS ,express and MongoDB togetherly called as mern stack. Although , we are using WEB3  ,all data and events that are not more relevant can be stored in tradiitional MongoDB or other SQL based databases. Calling Web3 data in numerous costs gas fee.
  3. Get some knowledge of Cryptocurrecny , Smart contracts and blockchain nodes and Bitcoin in theory .
  4. Start Solidity programming language  and later you can switch to RUST if you want to Solana Blockchain developer.

The some resoureces to learn are : 
1- Solidity :
2- JS :
or any youtube videos

After learning this things you can start learning to make projects in this sector . DappUniversity has lots of these projects so you can learn from there.

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in a simple way yo discussed here
Good article
Yes we should have a proper knowledge about the HTML and CSS3. Because it's very kind of basics. Without it we can't proceed further as we all know